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Q&A: How Anchor Managed Solutions gets productive with Intel vPro tech

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by Intel on 02/18/2020
Blog Category: Devices

Everyone wants to get more work done in less time, but how many of us actually do it?

Anchor Managed Solutions Ltd. does. The company, a managed services provider (MSP) based in Saskatoon, Canada, uses PCs featuring Intel Core vPro processors in conjunction with its existing management-console software to speed the resolution of OS problems.

Anchor’s ABC plan — short for Anchor Business Continuity — helps customers plan for a network or systems crash by securely storing their assets in the cloud or at offsite backups. Anchor also offers antivirus protection, 24x7 systems monitoring, and IT road map consulting.

In an interview, Andrew Down, a partner at Anchor Managed Services, explains how Intel vPro technology helps his company provide proactive services speedily, productively and efficiently.

Anchor Managed Solutions

Why do you recommend that your customers have their PCs built on the Intel vPro platform?

We recommend PCs built on the Intel vPro platform as the standard across the board. For us as an MSP, it’s all we try to sell. We see this technology as a game-changer. We want high-quality products for our clients. We’re selling business-grade devices, and we try to sell the value of things like the Intel vPro platform. From someone who sells a lot of endpoints to our clients, we 100% look for PCs with Intel vPro first.

What kind of benefits does Anchor enjoy with Intel vPro technology?

Using PCs with the Intel vPro platform decreases our average downtime and the time it takes to resolve a problem. That’s because we can provide service remotely through Intel Active Management Technology. Ninety percent of our help desk is remote support. We try to avoid deskside visits as much as possible, and the Intel vPro platform definitely helps with that.

Everyone wants more productivity. How does Intel vPro technology help you get there?

With PCs based on the Intel vPro platform, on-site visits are less stressful, and we can use the time more efficiently. We use the face-to-face time to make sure our clients are happy. And because we’re fixing issues proactively with Intel Active Management Technology, we have time to do more proactive reviews.

We emphasize quarterly reviews to discuss budgets and planning and projects, as opposed to helping with desktop issues, which is not a good use of face-to-face time. We save twice as much time, and we’re more efficient this year largely because of Intel vPro management tools.

You work exclusively with Lenovo hardware. Why? And how is that shaping up?

Lenovo treats us well. Any time we have issues or need something extra, our Lenovo reps step up to help, whether that’s providing demos, or samples, or swag. They look out for us. We’re a Lenovo depot center, and our techs are certified and trained.

We’ve found that we’re successful focusing on just one brand.


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