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Q&A: How Alvarez Technology speeds remote work with Intel Optane memory and storage

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by Intel on 09/09/2020
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Working from home wouldn’t be so bad if the average home PC weren’t so slow. Alvarez Technology Group has a better way: HP’s cool Dragonfly notebook loaded with Intel Optane memory and SSD storage.

Alvarez Technology is an IT services firm based in Salinas, Calif. Founded 20 years ago by Luis Alvarez, the company today serves more than 200 small and medium business clients.

In its own tests, Alvarez Tech has found that PCs with Intel Optane H10 memory with solid-state storage deliver some big gains over older systems without Intel Optane. These gain include 3x faster document launching, 2x faster loading of Excel workbooks, and far better image clarity and resolution during online meetings.

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To learn how Alvarez Tech has done this, we spoke recently with the company’s president and CEO, Luis Alvarez. Following are highlights from our discussion.

Luis Alvarez, CEO of Alvarez Technology

Luis Alvarez, president and CEO, Alvarez Technology Group

What type of customer and applications did you select to test the Intel Optane memory H10?

We deployed the HP Dragonfly notebook PC with Intel Optane memory H10 with Solid State Storage to one of our financial-services customers. The customer works with big Microsoft Excel worksheets full of formulas and also spends a fair amount of time in video calls.

Before we deployed the system, our own staff tested it extensively. Everyone had really high praise for the HP Dragonfly.

How did you test the solution?

We tested against a Lenovo system that was less than a year old. It had an SSD, but no Intel Optane memory. I ran the user through her typical apps, and she was really impressed.

The customer uses some incredibly large Microsoft Excel spreadsheets full of formulas. She reported that the HP Dragonfly was much faster than her other laptop, which the bank had purchased for her to work from home. The decrease in wait time improved her productivity, and the touchscreen was superfast.

How did your customer respond to the performance?

She said, “This is what I want to work on. I’m going to give my other laptop to someone else.”

The bank holds a lot of Microsoft Teams meetings, and the customer reported that the video on this PC streamed perfectly, with no stutters whatsoever, and that there was better resolution and clarity. She also said it was so light, sometimes she almost forgot she was carrying it!

How does this HP Dragonfly/Intel Optane solution fit into your own managed services offering?

Now, with so many of our clients considering a permanent work-from-home future, they want to provide company-owned systems to their remote workforce. So we’ll lead with the HP Dragonfly — it’s a great system for that.

In addition, Monterey County (where we live) has a world-renowned aquarium, and the whole county is focused on sustainability and plastics not going into the ocean. So the sustainability message resonated more than I imagined it would. Our client really liked that the HP Dragonfly had recycled plastic — especially because the company has a sustainability commitment.

HP is your vendor of choice, and you’ve also partnered for more than 10 years with ConnectWise. Why is that?

We like Connectwise Automate because of the scripting capabilities. You can automate a lot of manual functions, and that frees up our techs for more strategic tasks.

As for HP, it’s our go-to brand for laptops, mobile devices and desktops. They make every form factor we need. Also, HP has stellar reliability. We’re attaching our name to any PC we give our clients, and the last thing we want is to have a system fail. Then we’ve got egg on our face. And with HP, we’ve never had that happen.

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