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Q&A: How 5K Technical Services speeds PC customer service with the Intel vPro platform

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by Intel on 08/20/2020
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Haste doesn’t always make waste. In fact, the faster you can resolve your customers’ PC issues, the happier they’ll be.

5K Technical Services, a managed services provider in Plano, Texas, has found that one powerful way to speed customer service is with the Intel vPro Platform.

Making this shift has cut the average time the company needs to resolve an OS problem from 45 minutes to just 15. Shortened the time it needs to fix a hardware problem from an average of 30 minutes to only 10. And reduced the number of desk-side visits it needs to conduct from an average of 10 a month to just 1.

5K Technical Services

To learn how 5K has done this, we spoke recently with the company’s president and CEO, Corey Kirkendoll. Following are highlights from the discussion.

Corey Kirkendoll of 5K Technical Services

Corey Kirkendoll, president and CEO, 5K Technical Services

Why do you now recommend that your customers build PCs around the Intel vPro platform?

Our business focuses on architectural firms, construction companies and nonprofits. All of these clients rely on powerful PCs and uptime. If they can’t access their computers, they can’t bill. So the Intel vPro platform is a standard for us, because it makes it easy to find issues before they become problems.

We already have many Intel vPro platform-based PCs deployed. We see the potential of how the technology can help us achieve growth without adding headcount, make our customers happier, and make everyone more productive. That’s our goal.

How does the Intel vPro platform help you improve your customers’ security and reduce the time you need for troubleshooting?

For patching, the Intel vPro platform is critical. Being able to power-on a machine is remarkable — especially because the standard Wake-on-LAN is not always reliable. We want all our machines secure and up-to-date, and now we can be sure we have patch saturation.

Also, to be able to reboot to BIOS and actually see the screen is a game-changer. We can now troubleshoot without having to roll a truck.

How about using the Intel vPro platform for remote access? Is that saving you time and money?

Without the Intel vPro platform, if we need to reboot or do anything that requires interaction with a PC, we've got to either talk with the customer and potentially interrupt their workflow or we have to roll a truck. But Intel Active Management technology gives us more tools in our tool belt, especially if we need to reboot a machine or get into the BIOS.

You recommend your customers choose Lenovo hardware. Why’s that?

Our customers love how black, thin and sexy the Lenovo PCs are. And we like that they’re rugged and hold up over their lifetime. The support Lenovo provides is really good, too. It makes our job easier if there is a warranty issue.

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