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Protect business PCs with 11th gen Intel Core vPro mobile platform security

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by Peter Krass on 02/18/2021
Blog Category: devices

With cyberthreats becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, and with so many end users now working remotely, your customers need PCs with the most robust security available.

Software alone often won’t cut it. That’s why it’s worth checking out the hardware-based security.

You’ll find hardware security capabilities on the 11th gen Intel Core vPro mobile processors. Introduced just last month, this family of Intel CPUs has been designed to power thin and light Windows-based mobile PCs used by businesses.

You may already know that the Intel vPro platform offers features for wireless remote management. That includes Intel Active Management Technology, hardware-based remote remediation that helps return a PC to a known good state, no matter where it’s located — even when the OS is down. With so many people now working from home, that’s important.

But the Intel vPro platform also offer three levels of powerful, hardware-based security features: protection below the OS; application and data security; and a new level of advanced threat detection.

Defense in depth

It all starts with Intel Hardware Shield. Available exclusively on all Intel vPro platform-based devices, this hardware-based solution aims to shut down an entire class of attacks that has long evaded software-only solutions.

With the new 11th gen processors, Intel Hardware Shield adds the industry’s first silicon-enabled AI threat detection. This helps stop ransomware and crypto-mining attacks.

Within the Intel Hardware Shield are 2 new and powerful security features:

> Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET): Prevents return- and jump-oriented programming (ROP/JOP) malware, in which hackers reuse existing code instead of injecting code to implement malware algorithms.

> Intel Threat Detection Technology (TDT): Helps software-based threat detection agents take full advantage of the advanced telemetry capabilities in Intel hardware to detect ransomware and crypto-mining. TDT also lowers the performance impact of security workloads by offloading memory scans to the graphics engine; this increases a PC’s battery life, too.

Business benefits

So much for the tech specs, which your business customers may not care about. But they should be interested in the Intel vPro platform’s new business and security benefits. These include:

> Protection of PC users with expanded below-the-OS security features that help ensure that both the OS and virtual environments are running securely on Intel hardware.

> Proactive detection of emerging threats, without sacrificing the user experience.

> Elimination of an entire class of attacks that have evaded software-only measures.

> Helping end users to stop worrying about security, and to instead focus on what’s most important — namely, their work.

> Saving both time and money, thanks to out-of-band remote management.

> A bug-bounty program that invites the security community to collaborate in order to discover and eliminate issues.

Today, PC security matters like never before. Check out the new, powerful security features of the 11th gen Intel vPro mobile processors — and tell your business customers about them, too.


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