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Miss our 7th Gen Intel Core processor chat? Here’s your recap

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by Peter Krass on 11/18/2016
Blog Category: Devices

Yesterday, David Bradshaw of Intel’s products and solution marketing group was the guest speaker for the latest in our series of live channel chats.

David’s topic: the 7th Gen Intel Core Processors, and what they mean for solution providers.

Couldn’t join us? No problem. Here’s your summary of David’s high points:

> Intro Phases: Intel is launching its 7th Gen Core “Kaby Lake” processors in two phases. The first, announced this past August, is out in the market now, and the CPUs are mainly powering 2-in-1s and other consumer devices from suppliers that include Dell, Lenovo and HP Inc. The second phase, set to be announced in January, will appear in commercial and enterprise systems, including desktops, workstations and notebooks.

> Power: Compared with the first generation of Core processors, the new 7th gen offers 10 times the performance/watt. Yet it’s far more power-efficient, running at 4.5 watts to the first gen’s 18.

> Productivity: Compared with the 6th Gen Core processors, the 7th Gen offers up to 12 percent more productivity for users, and up to 19 percent better Web performance, as this slide shows (i7-6500U on the left is 6th gen; 7th Gen i7-7500U on the right is 7th gen):



> Speed: Compared with a 5-year-old PC, a new system with the 7th Gen Intel Core processors lets users get their work done 1.7 times faster, create and edit videos 8.6 times faster, and play HD games 3 times better. Compared with the same old system, a 7th-gen system can create video highlights 15 times faster, and convert a 1-hour 4K ultraHD video nearly 7 times faster.

Learn more:

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