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Meet the new Intel Arc GPU for gaming laptops

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by Peter Krass on 04/01/2022
Blog Category: devices

Intel this week introduced a high-performance graphics processor for laptops designed especially for gaming, streaming and content creation.

Called the Intel Arc graphics family for laptops, it’s the first discrete GPU in Intel’s Arc A-Series graphics portfolio for laptops. Intel says desktop and workstation versions are coming later this year.

Intel Arc GPU for laptops

Intel Arc: high-performance graphics for gaming laptops

Intel partnered with laptop OEMs to design the Intel Arc, and that’s how the new GPUs will mainly be sold — as part of high-performance gaming laptops. What’s more, many of the first laptops with Intel Arc will be Intel Evo designs powered by 12th gen Intel Core CPUs.

The new Intel GPU family has 3 members:

> Arc 3: Provides graphics for what Intel describes as “enhanced” gaming and advanced content creation. Laptops with this GPU are available for pre-order now.

> Arc 5: Graphics for “advanced” gaming. Laptops with this GPU will be available for pre-order this summer.

> Arc 7: Graphics for “high-performance” gaming. Laptops with this GPU will also be available for pre-order this summer.

New technologies, too

As part of the Arc announcement, Intel also rolled out new approaches including:

> Intel Arc Control interface: This all-in-one hub for gaming includes custom performance profiles, built-in streaming, virtual camera, auto game capture and more.

> Xe HPG (short for high-performance gaming) microarchitecture: This includes the Xe Media Engine for 8K workloads and multiple hardware-acceleration engines.

> XeSS (short for super-sampling): It’s an AI-based image upscaling technology designed to enhance gaming performance. For example, it can run a 4K resolution with performance that’s comparable to 1080p. XeSS is set to launch this summer with support for more than 20 games.

> Intel Deep Link Technologies: Enables an Intel Arc GPU to work seamlessly with an Intel CPU.

Learn more:

> Intel fact sheet: Arc A-Series Discrete Graphics Family for Mobile

> Video: Intel Arc Graphics Explained in 60 Seconds


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