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Meet the new 11th Gen Intel Core Mobile vPro processors

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by Peter Krass on 01/11/2021
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Intel today introduced the 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processors for mobile PCs used by businesses.

Codenamed “Tiger Lake,” these new SKUs use the same processor that Intel introduced this past September for consumer mobile devices. That includes Intel’s 10nm SuperFin technology. But the new parts feature a different chipset that includes Intel vPro technology.

11th Gen Intel vPro Platform

Intel says the new processors offer business users of mobile PCs improvements in 4 key areas:

> Performance: via the Tiger Lake processor, Wi-Fi 6, and Thunderbolt 4. Intel says the new processors offer up to 8x better AI performance and up to 2.3x faster for video editing, compared with the previous generation.

> Security: via Hardware Shield with new TDT and CET (more on this below)

> Manageability: via Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA) and Active Management Technology (AMT).

> Stability: via Intel vPro technology, which is validated across not just PCs, but also multiple devices including digital signage

New security features

With so many people now working from home, security is a growing concern. Intel has addressed this need by adding 2 features to Intel Hardware Shield:

> Threat Detection Technology (TDT): This helps software-based threat-detection agents take full advantage of the advanced telemetry capabilities rooted in Intel hardware. It also augments ISV solutions to improve detection of ransomware & cryptomining, and protects from memory-dump attacks. TDT also reduces the performance impact of security workloads by offloading memory scans to the graphics engine. All that also increases PC battery life.

> Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET): This feature prevents return-oriented programming (ROP) malware attacks, in which hackers reuse existing code to implement malware algorithms.

Also, an older feature, Remote Secure Erase, has been enhanced to let managers remotely erase not just SSDs, but all drives that support the secure erase standard. It’s designed to be used when an older PC is either re-issued to a new user or retired and disposed.

Carry on

Otherwise, the new Tiger Lake processors include many of the same features introduced with the consumer mobile versions. These include:

> Iris Xe graphics optimized for collaboration, creativity and productivity.

> Wi-Fi 6: The new, wireless way to faster downloads, and more reliable and seamless collaboration.

> Thunderbolt 4 support: Connect everything, dock, and simultaneously support two 4K displays.

> Intel Optane Memory H20 with SSD: This high-capacity storage option provides superior responsiveness.

> Thunderbolt 4 support: Connect everything, dock, and simultaneously support two 4K displays.

> Intel Active Memory Technology (AMT): Included as part of the Intel vPro platform, it offer features to    remotely discover, repair and protect networked devices. This, in turn, helps to reduce maintenance and administrative costs.

> Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA): Provides over-the-cloud endpoint management, remote power control, hardware KVM (keyboard, video, mouse), and support beyond the firewall.

Mobile PCs for business users featuring the new Intel processor are forthcoming from OEM partners including Dell, HP and Lenovo.

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