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Meet the Intel Arc Pro A-Series, pro-grade GPUs for PCs

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by Peter Krass on 08/15/2022
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Are your customers who use laptops and small form-factor desktops looking for professional-grade graphics?

If so, tell them to look no more. Intel last week introduced a range of professional graphics processing units (GPUs).

Called the Intel Arc Pro A-Series, these GPUs feature built-in ray tracing hardware, machine learning capabilities, and AV1 hardware encoding acceleration.

Leader of the pack

The series kicks off with 3 models. The Intel Arc Pro A30M is for mobile computers. And the Intel Arc Pro A40 and A50 (single and double slot, respectively) are for small form-factor desktops.

The A50 is the fastest of the bunch, with a peak performance rated at 4.8 trillion floating-point operations per second (TFLOPS) at single precision. The A40 and A30M are both rated at a top performance of 3.5 TFLOPS.

Intel Arc Pro A40 GPU

Intel Arc Pro A40: up to 3.5 TFLOPS

A variety of display types are supported. That includes ultra-high definition (UHD) and ultrawide hi def with HDR (high dynamic range) enabled. Each GPUs can support up to 4 ultra-large displays.

All 3 of the new GPUs support Dolby Vision. This technology dynamically optimizes image quality based on the user’s service, display device and platform.

Ray tracing, mentioned above, is valuable because it’s usually available only on more expensive GPUs. This rendering technique is used mainly to create highly realistic lighting effects.

AV1 Hardware Acceleration, another feature of the new Intel GPUs, is based on AV1, an open-source video-coding format. As the name states, Intel’s version is hardware-based, and the company claims this approach is 4.4x faster with Intel Arc graphics than software encoding.

Inside the box, all 3 GPUs support PCIe 4.0 x8 systems for healthy bandwidth. They’re also backwards compatible with earlier versions of the PCIe bus.

Getting graphic

The new Intel GPUs also support several additional technologies. One is Dynamic Power Share, which routes power between the CPU and GPU, whichever needs it most at the moment.

The Intel Arc Pro GPUs also run the open-source libraries in the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit. These libraries, optimized for performance at scale, help creators, scientists and engineers with digital content creation, professional rendering, animation, computer-aided design, scientific visualization and gaming.

Intel says the new Arc Pro A-Series GPUs will be available later this year from the company’s mobile and desktop partners. Prices haven’t been announced yet. These new GPUs will also be covered by Intel’s 3-year warranty.

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