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May 15 is the date for the Spring 2019 Intel Virtual Technology Conference. You’ll want to be there.

Register for this free virtual conference, and you’ll stream valuable content on the latest Intel technology. You’ll also get sales and marketing support that can help you grow your tech-provider business.

Sprin 2019 Intel Virtual Technology Conference

Here’s just some of what’s on the agenda for May 15:

> Keynote: “Make the shift — seize a $25 billion opportunity”

Join Microsoft and learn how to help your customers shift to modern desktops with Windows 10 devices and Office 365.

In this session, you'll learn about the benefits of Windows 10 Pro, get tips for attaching Office, discover the upside for PC accessories, and hear why customers should upgrade to Windows Server 2019.

Take advantage of a $25B+ opportunity, and help your customers upgrade today!

> Scale IT Up

Get the most out of your Intel Xeon Scalable platform. Understanding how subsystem components impact overall server performance is essential for creating balanced server designs that can scale to meet business demands.

In this sales and marketing course, you’ll learn how you can unleash the full capabilities of the Intel Xeon Scalable platform and maximize value for your customers with the help of this sales tool.

There will also be a tech demo session. You’ll see the Scale IT Up tool in action. The refreshed version of the tool includes new data points for 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

> Workload consolidation at the edge

In this Internet of Things technical track course, you’ll learn about global initiatives — including Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 — that are re-thinking manufacturing for the 21st century. Their aim: create lower-cost implementations, along with greatly improved flexibility. 

This includes moving away from single-function, embedded IoT devices. Instead, manufacturers are defining each function in software. 

This makes functions portable and flexible. It also enables a new manufacturing model. Functions that previously ran on dedicated hardware will now run on enterprise servers. As a result, manufactures will be able to take advantage of the same cost-curves now available to enterprise IT shops.


Learn more and register to attend the Spring 2019 Intel Virtual Technology Conference.



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