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Hard to believe, but the basic PC form factor is now more than 30 years old. Over the decades, work has become more mobile, and in response, laptop systems have become smaller and lighter. Now, with the rise of the cloud, it’s the desktop’s turn to change.

HP and Lenovo are the latest to introduce form-factor PCs. Here’s your tech provider’s update on their newest hardware:

HP Thin Clients

HP yesterday announced what it’s calling a new class of thin clients for virtualized computing and cloud-first applications.

There are 2 new models:

> HP t430 Thin Client: It’s powered by an Intel Celeron processor with speeds up to 2.6 MHz, includes USB-C and HDMI ports, and can support a 4K display. For operating system, users have a choice of HP’s Linux-based ThinPro or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. This device is set to ship in May with a starting retail price of $250.

HP t430 Thin Client

HP’s t430 Thin Client supports cloud-first applications

> HP mt44 Mobile Thin Client: This device comes in a laptop form factor, complete with a 14-inch HD touch display, aluminum case, and reasonably light weight (3.4 lb.). It’s powered by AMD’s Ryzen 3 PRO processor with Radeon Vega graphics. Next-gen features include special Skype keys, noise cancellation, finger authentication, and integrated privacy screen. This device is also set to ship in May with retail prices starting at $850.

HP mt44 Mobile Thin Client

HP’s mt44 Mobile Think Client features social-media keys

Lenovo ThinkCentre

Lenovo yesterday introduced a group of ThinkCentre desktops that are small yet powerful, thanks to the inclusion of 8th Gen Intel Core processors and both Thunderbolt-3 and USB-C ports. Lenovo says these small devices can contribute to a workplace that’s clutter-free.

> M Series: Lenovo introduced 2 new systems in this line, the M920 and M720. Both are set to ship in July, and both will be small form-factor devices designed for small workplaces. Lenovo hasn’t revealed pricing yet.

> Tiny Series: Basically, these are smaller “micro desktop” versions of the new M Series devices. The M720 Tiny will offer a choice of quad Network Interface Card or Serial port expansion. The M920 Tiny will add an optional Thunderbolt port and discrete graphics. These are also set to ship in July, with prices still to be announced.

> Tiny-in-One: These are mount and stand kits that transform Lenovo’s new Tiny Series devices into small all-in-one PCs. To set it up, a user will simply tuck a Tiny Series device into the back of the display, a process Lenovo says will take just seconds. Display-size options include a 22-inch touch display, 22-inch HD, and 24-inch HD. Lenovo hasn’t announced pricing for these, either.

Lenovo Tiny-in-One

Lenovo’s Tiny-in-One transforms a Tiny Series PC into an AIO

The nature of work, the workplace and even IT is changing. So are the latest desktop PCs from Lenovo and HP.


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