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Intel’s latest GPUs offer more gaming power for less dough

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by Peter Krass on 11/01/2022
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How would you like to save money while getting the latest gaming graphics?

Now you can. Intel is serious about becoming a major player in the graphics-card business. The company’s ambition can help you and your gaming customers to not only get cool new technology, but also save some serious money.

Intel is a relative newcomer to the gaming GPU business, and it knows competition from the likes of Nvidia and AMD is stiff. But Intel also believes GPU prices have risen too steeply.

At the recent Intel Innovation conference, company CEO Pat Gelsinger pointed out that the average selling price for a GPU card in the $200 to $400 range has more than doubled in the last 2 years.

As shown by this chart (courtesy of Intel), the average selling price for Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060 Ti has risen to about $418:

GPU price chart

That’s why Intel has decided to compete not on 1, but 2 separate GPU fronts: both technology and price/performance. With this strategy, Intel intends to bring balance back to the market.

A fine pair

Intel has thrown down the gauntlet with 2 new Intel ARC A-Series GPUs. Both are now available from selected retailers and e-tailers including Best Buy, MicroCenter and Newegg.

> Intel ARC A770 graphics: Retail prices for the 16GB Limited Edition version, available now, start at $349. The 8GB version, available soon, will start at $329. At this price, Intel says, the A770 delivers 42% better performance per dollar than an overclocked RTX 3060.

> Intel ARC A750 graphics: Retail prices for the 8GB version, available now, start at $289. The A750’s advantage is even better, delivering a 53% better performance per dollar than an RTX 3060, Intel says.

Intel ARC A770 Limited Edition GPU card

The pure performance figures are based on Intel’s own tests of the new GPU cards with various popular games.

For example, Intel say that when compared with an RTX 3060, its Intel A750 graphics card performed 22% better when playing the best-selling “Dying Light 2 Stay Human,” 28% better with the “Metro Exodus” first-person shooter, and 38% better on the “Arcadegeddon” multiplayer game.

The performance gains continue with more modern DX12 High 1440p and Vulkan games. There, the Intel A750 GPU outperforms the RTX 3060 by an average of 5% to 6%, Intel says.

Once you factor in the price, Intel’s gains are far more impressive. Essentially, the Intel A750 offers gaming performance that’s roughly comparable to that of the RTX 3060, but at a retail price that’s almost $130 lower.

That’s an average performance/dollar advantage over the RTX 3060 of 53%. But for some games, Intel says, the A750’s performance/dollar advantage reaches as high as 2x.

What the techies say

The new Intel GPUs also pack a modern feature set. That includes dedicated ray tracing and XeSS (AI-enhanced upscaling).

All these gains have the tech blogs pretty excited. Here are a few of the positive reviews:

> Tom’s Hardware: “Great price-to-performance ratio…excellent video encoding hardware.”

> PC Mag: “Enormous 16GB pool of video memory…well priced.”

> PC Gamer: “Excellent D12 and Vulkan performance…impressive ray tracing acceleration.”

> TechPowerUp: “Finally a third competitor…beautiful design.”

> DigitalTrends: “The right GPU at the right time…great 1080p and 1440p performance.”

So check out the new Intel ARC 7 graphics cards. You and your customers can get latest gaming graphics technology without spending a bundle.

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