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BT Mack Technology Group
Q&A: How BT Mack improves PC performance at low cost with Intel Optane technology

“Contain the complexity.” That’s the slogan of BT Mack Technology Group, an Ogden, Utah-based tech provider, founded in 2007, that specializes in three markets: travel plazas, K-12 schools and small...

HP Pavilion 13 laptop
To help save the planet, tech goes green

Can tech save the environment? With wildfires burning through California and the Pacific Northwest, storms flooding the Gulf Coast, and record-high temperatures scorching the Southwest, that would be...

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Intel Atom x6000 Series processor
Meet Intel's new processors for edge computing

Intel, already the market leader in PC and server processors, now wants to also be a powerhouse in edge computing. Intel today introduced processors designed for edge computing with features...

Microsoft Surface Duo
Are the latest foldable phones ready for prime time?

Has the foldable phone revolution begun? That’s the multibillion-dollar question as tech titans including Microsoft and Samsung push high-priced folding handsets into a flagging market. Your mission...

HP Conferencing Monitor
HP adds PC devices for today’s hybrid work world

It’s becoming clear that the pandemic will be with us for some time. That’s changing the way people work, go to school, watch movies and much more. It’s also changing the kinds of PC devices your...

Tech Provider Zone 'In The Zone' video
Video: Get ‘In the Zone’ for the latest tech news

Looking for the latest in tech? Check out “In the Zone,” a new video discussion between Peter Krass, editor of Tech Provider Zone, and Ed Hannan, senior digital content manager at The Channel Co. In...

HP Omen Frequency Wireless Headset
Meet HP’s new gaming gear — all wireless

Clutter isn’t cool. That’s the thinking behind HP’s newest wireless gear for gamers. Announced today by HP are a new headset, mouse and keyboard for gaming PCs. All three devices use WARP Wireless...