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Intel NUC Mini PCs: Where elegance and efficiency meet

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by Peter Krass on 06/17/2021
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Have you experienced the Intel NUC yet?

NUC rhymes with “buck,” and it’s a full-powered mini-PC that could bring you some serious bucks.

The Intel NUC is part of the larger PC market — which, as I’m sure you know, is absolutely on fire. Market watcher Canalys says U.S. PC shipments in this year’s first quarter rose year-on-year by a record-breaking 73%, for a total of 34 million units.

This fire isn’t going out any time soon. Canalys predicts that U.S. PC shipments will keep growing over the next year, albeit at a more moderate 5.4%.

What’s driving all that demand? Short term, supply constraints. But those should end soon, helped in part by the Biden administration’s planned $50 billion investment in semiconductor manufacturing.

Also boosting demand will be new post-pandemic “hybrid work” setups. That’s where employees work a few days a week from home, a few days in the office. Facebook, Apple and a few other companies have already mandated this for the fall.

One versatile mini-PC

The Intel NUC comes in whatever form your customers need. That could be a ready-to-run PC. A barebones kit for building your own. A NUC Board with soldered-in processor for creating custom applications. Or a NUC Element, a pluggable card that includes a processor, Wi-Fi and memory.

The Intel NUC also enjoys a full-fledged ecosystem of third-party products. These include cases, chassis, graphics cards, cables and cooling systems.

The Intel NUC Mini PC is indeed mini, measuring only about 4 x 4 inches. That makes this device ideal for use in the home, meeting rooms, classrooms, or (in the Rugged version) factory floors.

Yet Intel NUCs are also powerful. They’re equipped with the latest Intel processors, your choice of SSD or HDD storage, and a full range of ports — USB, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, Ethernet and microSD. And all that is backed up by Intel’s 24x7 support and 3-year warranty.

Collaborate with Unite

One business application for the Intel NUC is powering conference-room collaboration systems. That includes the Intel Unite solution.

The Intel Unite solution is an easy-to-use videoconferencing system. It can be used in an office meeting room, classroom, faculty room, or any other space dedicated to collaboration. Intel Unite uses wireless tech to connect to displays, or interactive “smart” whiteboards. Meeting participants, regardless of location, can share and edit content in real time.

You can bring things up a notch by powering Intel Unite with the Intel NUC Pro. This mini PC fully supports conference-room solutions such as Intel Unite solution. The Intel NUC Pro can pair with cameras to create a complete videoconferencing solution, power interactive displays for web conferencing and screen sharing, and supply a conference room with the functionality of a full-powered PC.

Train to gain

Both the Intel NUC Mini PC and Intel Unite solution are easy to use, but you can get even more from these systems with some training. And who better to get that training from than Intel?

Intel Partner University, the company’s training program for partners, offers deeper curriculum-based trainings known as Competencies for both NUC Mini PC and Intel Unite solution. Complete these trainings, and you’ll not only know how to serve your customers better, you can also earn a digital badge to promote your skills online.

The two Competencies are:

> NUC Mini PC Solutions: With these courses, you’ll learn the basics of Intel NUC product offerings and product add-ons. You’ll get a deep dive into the greater NUC ecosystem. And you’ll explore the breadth of solutions enabled by a small form-factor PC, including digital signage, kiosks, rugged environments, collaboration spaces, gaming and creating.

There are a total of 15 trainings, each of which offers at least 5 credits. Some are as short as 10 minutes — easy to squeeze into your day.

> Intel Unite Solutions: These trainings will teach you the basics of collaboration solutions and how to successfully position, demonstrate and deploy the Intel Unite solution. You’ll also delve into the software platform that modernizes and unifies collaboration across verticals and organizations of all sizes.

There are nearly a dozen trainings, and they include getting started with Intel Unite cloud service, delivering immersive learning tech, and a safer return to work.

> Ready to get skilled? Check out client Competencies on Intel Partner University (login required).

> Are you a member of Intel Partner Alliance? Activate your membership or join now


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