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Intel NUC: Celebrating 10 years, 10 million units

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by Peter Krass on 10/27/2022
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Remember 10 years ago? In 2012, Michael Phelps broke the record for most gold medals won at the Olympics. Nintendo released its Wii U video-gaming console. And Walt Disney paid $4 billion to acquire Lucasfilm and its “Star Wars” franchise.

The year 2012 also saw the formation of the Intel NUC Group and the creation of its first Mini PC.

Fast-forward a decade. Today the Intel NUC is celebrating its 10th anniversary. What’s more, Intel just shipped its 10 millionth NUC.

“Ten million NUCs is a pretty amazing achievement,” says Brian McCarson, VP and general manager of Intel’s NUC Group.

Brian McCarson of Intel NUC

Brian McCarson, GM of Intel NUC Group

Indeed, it is. Especially since the first NUC Mini PC began as an engineering challenge: Build the smallest computing solution possible on the smallest motherboard possible—and without compromising the PC’s capabilities.

Small but mighty

The result of that early challenge was the first Intel NUC Mini PC. Its motherboard measured just 4 x 4 inches. Though today’s NUC is about the same size, the power and features have increased dramatically.

Intel NUC Mini PC

Compared with the original NUCs, the latest devices offer up to twice the I/O, 4 to 6 times the number of cores and threads, and up to 4 times the number of transistors.

Today’s Intel NUCs are also powered by the latest Intel Core processors. They offer features that include the latest Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and dual-gigabit Ethernet, and they support up to four 4K-resolution displays.

Intel NUCs also come in a variety of shapes for different use cases. You can choose from devices designed for gaming and content creation, business solutions and edge computing applications. Around the world, Intel NUC devices are being used to power applications that include mass-transit systems, digital signage and kiosks, and industrial robots.

Developers’ delight 

The Intel NUC has also been embraced by the developer community. “Why?” McCarson asks. “Because they just work.”

Developing on the same platform you can scale with, he adds, saves time, energy and resources. It also makes developers’ jobs easier and helps companies move faster.

Today’s Intel NUCs are more than just Mini PCs. There are also Intel NUC Kits, which feature customizable memory, storage and I/O; Intel NUC Elements, modular components that let you design, build and refresh custom solutions; and Intel NUC boards, complete with soldered-on processors. All are covered by Intel’s 3-year warranty.

Who knows what the next 10 years will bring? But one thing seems certain: Intel NUC devices will be along for the ride.

> To celebrate 10 years of NUC, Intel has prepared a short video featuring NUC Group GM Brian McCarson. Watch it now.


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