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Infographic: How to sell workstations based on Intel Xeon W-1300 processors

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by Peter Krass on 08/04/2021
Blog Category: devices

Intel’s Xeon W-1300 processors aren’t playing. They’re designed for professionals who demand high-end performance, graphics, security and reliability.

So how do you sell workstations based on these Intel CPUs? The answer depends on what your customers are talking about.

> If they’re talking about cores, threads and render times, that’s a conversation about performance.

> Do your customers have CAD, game design or advanced content creation on their minds? Then that’s a conversation about use cases.

> Maybe your customers care about manageability, security, downtime and remote workstations. In that case, it’s a conversation about business.

> New technology and peripherals what they want to talk about? That’s a conversation about novelty.

> Finally, maybe they want to talk about compatibility and supply. That’s really a conversation about brand trust.

Get help selling

Whichever of these conversations your customers want to have, a new infographic from Intel can help. For each topic, it provides talking points and supporting evidence.

Don’t get caught without anything to say. Download the “How to sell Intel Xeon W-1300 processors” infographic now — just click the PDF link below:

Infographic_How to sell Intel Xeon W-1300 processors.pdf
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