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Infographic: How to sell business desktops based on 11th gen Intel Core vPro CPUs

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by Peter Krass on 09/14/2021
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Don’t count out desktops. Especially when they’re loaded with the latest 11th gen Intel Core vPro processors.

Laptops may be getting all the attention. But U.S. shipments of desktop PCs actually rose 23% in this year’s second quarter, according to market watcher Canalys.

That’s because desktop PCs make a lot of sense for workers at fixed locations, whether in the office or at dedicated home offices. For one, desktops are often less expensive than similarly configured laptops. For another, due to their size and modular design, desktops are far easier to repair and upgrade.

Gain the vPro advantage

To turn up performance a notch, tell your customers to consider 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processors for their business-class desktops. These CPUs provide small and midsized businesses (SMBs) with high performance and enterprise-grade IT solutions.

The result: powerful, protected machines that also deliver a strong return on investment.

Intel Core vPro

Desktops based on 11th gen Intel Core vPro processors can be offered by resellers, managed service providers (MSPs), even tech providers who customers turn to for expert advice and recommendations.

Get ‘how to sell’ infographic

To help you sell 11th gen Intel Core vPro-powered desktops to your customers, Intel has created a 5-page infographic.

This infographic details the vPro advantage. Outlines key performance and security improvements. And shows how these CPUs have been designed to meet the needs of your SMB customers with performance and collaboration, security and user experience.

Download the infographic now: “How to sell guide: 11th Gen Intel Core vPro Processors for Business-Class Desktops.” Just click the PDF link below:

Infographic_How to sell 11th gen Intel Core vPro processors for business-class desktops.pdf
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