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Infographic: How to sell 11th Gen Intel Core desktop processors

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by Peter Krass on 07/23/2021
Blog Category: devices

Do you know your customers’ desktop pain points? If so, you’re halfway to knowing how to sell the 11 gen Intel Core desktop processor family.

11th gen Intel Core desktop processor

Are your customers talking about cores, threads and FPS? Gaming, streaming and multitasking? New peripherals? Or maybe compatibility and supply?

However you answer, a new infographic from Intel has you covered.This Intel infographic explains how to have conversations wth customers about desktop performance, use cases, novelty and brand trust.

By using these common conversation threads — along with additional talking points and supporting evidence also provided — you’ll be selling 11th gen Intel Core desktop processors with the best of them.

Download the infographic now — click the PDF link below.

Infographic_How to sell 11th gen Intel Core desktop processors.pdf
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