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All-in-One PCs don’t get enough respect. Their design is clever, combining the compact footprint of a notebook with the large display size of a desktop.

That should make AiO systems ideal for your business customers who need a large, sharp display, but don’t want — or have room for — the clutter and cables of a desktop.

These customers could include a medical office that needs a PC in every examining room. A bike shop that wants to show customers more options in an online catalog. Or an administrative office where space is tight.

Yet AiO systems are typically offered as PCs for kids, whether at home or school.

New HP Pavilions

HP has just revamped 2 of its Pavilion AiOs, and sure enough, the company is pitching the devices at families with children. A new HP blog post describes the systems as “the magnet that draws the family together.” It also says the new systems are “just in time for the back-to-school spree.”

Nothing against families and schools. But these Windows 10 systems could also be the magnet that attracts your business customers. Check out some of the specs:

> Display: HP is offering 2 sizes — 23.8 and 27 inches diagonal. Both are available with full HD edge-to-edge touch display and up to 4K resolution. They tilt from -5 to +35 degrees, too.

> Chips: Under the hood are the latest 7th generation Intel Core processors and up to 16 GB of RAM. An AMD Radeon 530 graphics card is available as an option, too.

> Storage: Users have 3 options: a hard disk drive, solid state drive (SSD), or a combo of both.

> Audio: Two front-facing HP speakers are integrated into the unit, and they’ve been custom-tuned in collaboration with B&O Play.

> Ports: The system offers plenty: one USB-C, two USB 3, two USB 2, and two HDMI.

> Security: Windows Hello (with optional infrared camera), pop-up privacy camera with privacy camera switch.

> Dimensions: The components are packed at the bottom, so the top of the display is just 8.5 mm (0.3 in.) thick.

> Look and feel: The device has an aluminum case with a sleek satin finish. There’s also a steel base plate for sturdiness.

HP Pavilion All-in-One

The revamped HP Pavilion All-in-One, shown from its side and front.

See what I mean? Sure, that’s a great system for the home. But isn’t it also robust enough for many business uses?

To be fair, HP hasn’t specified shipment dates or retail prices yet. So both remain big question marks. But assuming the prices are reasonable, HP's new Pavilions could be the AiOs for your business customers who want a large display, small footprint.


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