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How PCs powered by 10th Gen Intel Core CPUs can help your SMB customers thrive

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by Peter Krass on 12/22/2020
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Are your small and medium business (SMB) customers trying to meet tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s PCs?

If so, suggest they refresh those older PCs. You should also suggest they check out devices powered by 10th Gen Intel Core processors.

SMBs are finding the pandemic especially tough. While Microsoft may have nearly $137 billion in cash on hand to get through the tough times, your SMB customers don’t.

As a result, many SMBs are tightening resources, cutting their IT budgets at the same time they’re supporting suddenly huge remote workforces. These remote workers require fast and reliable connectivity, bulletproof protection against phishing and other hacks, and PCs that are fast, reliable and flexible.

3 key techs

PCs powered by 10th gen Intel Core CPUs can help your SMB customers meet these new business demands, build resiliency, and maintain continuity. These PCs offer SMBs impressive levels of connectivity and productivity, as well as what Intel calls “intelligent performance.”

These CPUs do all this, in part, with help from 3 key technologies:

> Intel Wi-Fi 6: for faster, more reliable wireless speeds

> Intel Optane memory: accelerating PCs with either HDD or SSD storage

> Thunderbolt 3: providing easy connectivity for up to 4 external storage devices, monitors or other peripherals

Big benefits

Here are some of the top gains your SMB customers can enjoy with PCs based on 10th gen Intel Core processors (all figures courtesy of Intel):

> Improved productivity: Up to 44% better overall performance vs. a 3-year-old PC.

> Integrated AI: Up to 2.5x greater AI performance with Intel Deep Learning Boost vs. a PC based on an older 8th Gen Intel Core processor.

> Uninterrupted collaboration: Up to 4x greater bandwidth with Thunderbolt 3, and nearly 3x faster connections with Intel Wi-Fi 6.

> Greater security: Improved cyber defense and detection of sophisticated threats. And without any compromise to either employee productivity or PC-battery life.

> Remote management: Intel’s Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA) lets you remotely access and control unattended devices, regardless of their state or location, to improve incident management.

Under the hood

The 10th gen Intel Core lineup offers flexible performance options tailored to you computing needs: i3, i5, i7 and i9. These processors can support today’s diverse workloads in many form factors, including desktops, notebooks, workstations and mobile workstations.

10th gen Intel Core processors

From an architecture perspective, the 10th gen Intel Core processor family comprises 2 platforms designed to address the different needs of SMBs: Comet Lake (CML) and Ice Lake (ICL).

The CML platform is based on Intel’s 14nm process technology. CML-based PC combine heavy-weight performance with light-weight portability. In desktops, the platform blends high-frequency processors with advanced content-creation capabilities. This suits power users with workloads that include data analysis, visualization, rendering, imaging and video editing.

The other platform, ICL, is built on Intel’s 10nm process technology. Redefining what’s possible in thin and light laptops, it features a new CPU core architecture and new graphics architecture.

The ICL processors also have built-in AI and machine-learning capabilities. This means your SMB customers can take advantage of the AI features in their productivity and business applications without worrying about its impact on office multitasking or battery life. Pretty cool.

Both the ICL and CML platforms also aim to redefine connectivity. They’re doing this with integrated Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt technology. Wi-Fi 6, based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard, is the latest and most advanced generation of the wireless tech widely used by consumers and businesses alike. And Thunderbolt ports connect computers to data, video and power on a single cable, delivering a fast and consistent experience for work and play.

Make sure your SMB customers aren’t grappling with today’s challenges using yesterday’s PCs. Point them to these resources:

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