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How Intel’s AMT can save your customers time & money

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by Kevin Jacoby on 08/22/2019
Blog Category: Devices

Intel has been making smart and savvy updates to its Active Management Technology (AMT) for years. If your SMB and enterprise customers took your sage advice to spring for Intel Core vPro processors, then their maintenance and security profiles are getting better all the time.

AMT enables a technician to power on a PC — even when it’s turned off! — install new software, run diagnostics, wipe the hard drive, and update security features.

This kind of functionality opens new IT possibilities. For instance, your customer could switch to a more cost-effective centralized IT solution that can remotely service any PC no matter where it is in the world.

If you still have some customers using standard processors, now might be a good time to bring up vPro again. Especially if they feel they’re spending too much on tech support and maintenance.

Saving time = saving $$

According to Intel, AMT can reduce the cost of a PC repair from $187 to $60, a savings of $127. That figure might sound too good to be true. But consider how much time and money your customers can save by solving most issues remotely, or, better yet, by preventing common issues altogether.

Consider these numbers from a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Intel:

> Annual reduction of 7,680 security support hours with Intel vPro platform-based devices, resulting in $1.2 million in risk- adjusted savings over 3 years

> 832 hours saved with automatic remote patch deployment through Intel Active Management Technology, resulting in risk-adjusted cost savings of $81,000 over 3 years

> 28,160 hours saved in improved employee efficiency with the Intel vPro platform through better device security and management, resulting in cost savings of $1.3 million over 3 years

Lowering the TCO

PCs are the gifs that keep on costing. After paying the initial price for the computer itself, owners then need to keep paying for integration, upkeep, support and maintenance throughout the PC’s usable life.

Your customer likely knows this concept is referred to as total cost of ownership (TCO). But do they also know that tech support and maintenance count for 80% of a PC’s TCO?

It’s true. Over time, aging components slow down even the fastest computers. Also, constantly installing and uninstalling applications inevitably presents software conflicts. Not to mention the endless flow of data that leaves the system open to attack from phishing schemes and malicious software.

All those things can be dealt with by a good IT department, of course. The question is, how much will it cost? If your customers can take advantage of AMT, the answer is: less than usual.

AMT’s remote-management features give your customers the ability to keep tabs on all their local and remote PCs. When the system detects, say, an out-of-date OS or a suspected security risk, technicians can deal with it immediately. They don’t even have to get out of their chairs.

What’s more, consistent, low-cost remote maintenance significantly reduces field failure rates by preventing issues before they occur. How’s that for lower TCO?

Channeling revenue

Here’s one more statistic from Intel—this one you’ll like: More than $100 billion.

That’s the predicted partner services and solutions opportunity for shifting customers to a modern desktop over three years. (That’s according to Forrester Consulting.)

Helping your customers upgrade to vPro-enabled PCs make sense for their bottom lines. It makes sense for yours, too!


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