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How Intel NUC Elements give solution providers end-to-end flexibility

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by Peter Krass on 08/17/2021
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Mini PCs can bring big business.

Just ask Loop International. The solution provider, which offers compute devices based on Scandinavian design, powers some of its All-in-One PCs with the Intel NUC Compute Element and Intel NUC Assembly Element.  

Intel NUC Elements

Intel’s NUC Compute Element is designed to make modular computing easy, and the most recent versions feature 11th gen Intel Core processors. The Intel NUC Assembly Element works with other NUC components for custom integrations.

A better way

With Loop’s All-in-One (AiO) PC, integrators can buy bare-bones systems from Loop at a low cost, then purchase the Intel NUC Compute Element from a distributor when needed for just-in-time integration.

That’s a big advantage over traditional PCs. For those, an integrator might purchase hundreds of units, each preconfigured with a processor and other specifications. The integrator would also pay full price.

Loop All-in-One PC

Loop All-in-One PC: Intel NUC inside

Intel’s modular approach also made life easy for Loop. Originally, the solution provider was using Intel NUC elements based on the older 8th gen Intel Core CPUs. When Intel recently added the Intel NUC 11 Extreme Compute Element, Loop simply replaced the earlier Assembly Element with the latest board and compatible thermal solution.

“Intel has eliminated a lot of the hard work,” says Loop’s director of sales and marketing, Stephen Blomfield.

Customers benefit, too

Loop’s customers also appreciate the Intel NUC’s modular approach.

One of those customers is Centerprise International, a UK-based solutions provider. Since 2018, Centerprise has purchased Loop AiOs, including models built around the Intel NUC components, and resold them under its own brand.

“All the qualifying work is done for us,” says Iain Gillogaley, business manager at Centerprise, “which saves us a lot of time so we can get to market faster.”

To learn more about how Loop and its customers benefit from Intel NUC Elements, click the case study link below:

Intel NUC case study_End-to-End Flexibility and Performance with Modular Computing.pdf
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