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Get smart with the new Intel NUC Mini PC Competency

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by Peter Krass on 12/15/2020
Blog Category: devices

The Intel NUC Mini PC may be small. But delivering powerful NUC-based solutions to your customers can require just as much technical training as do larger laptops and desktops.

Now you can get that training with a new Competency on Intel Partner University: NUC Mini PC Solutions.

Intel NUC Mini-PC

Intel NUC Mini-PC

Competencies are a feature of Intel Partner University, Intel’s integrated, flexible and customizable platform for partner training. Competencies are deeper training curriculums that help partners build expertise in specific products, technologies and business segments.

Other Competencies already cover topics that include cloud infrastructure, high-performance computing (HPC) and the Internet of Things. Now the Intel NUC is covered, too.

It’s for you

The Intel NUC Competency is for you if you’re a pre-sales, sales or marketing officer; technologist; or IT professional at a distribution, tech provider or solution integration company.

Check out this Competency, and you’ll be equipped to drive business and increase revenue with a deep knowledge of Intel NUC products and solutions. You’ll learn the basics of Intel NUC product offerings and product add-ons. You’ll also learn how to offer new solution types with Intel NUC across both verticals and deployments.

This Competency also provides a deep dive into the greater NUC ecosystem. So you’ll explore the breadth of solutions enabled by a small form-factor PC, including digital signage, kiosks, rugged environments, collaboration spaces and gaming.

Intel NUC Competency badge

Complete the Competency, and you’ll earn a Solutions Pro digital badge. You can demonstrate your technical expertise by displaying this badge on your company website, email signatures and via social media.

Course offerings

The Intel NUC Competency offers a mix of introductory, products and solutions courses. Here are just a few:

> Get to know the Intel NUC: An introductory course to help you sell mini PCs more effectively.

> Intel Tech Partner (ITP) Quarterly Webinar On-Demand: Get access to the latest webinars delivered by NUC experts. Get the latest story on roadmaps, sales campaigns, solutions and ways to increase your business.

> The next step in durability: Explore the first Intel NUC that’s ruggedized.

> Unboxing the Intel NUC with 10th Gen Intel Core processor: Get into the Intel NUC 10 Performance. It’s a workhorse PC for applications including home entertainment, home productivity and casual gaming.

> Inside the Intel NUC 9: Look under the hood as members of the Intel technical marketing workbench take this gaming system apart, install new memory and storage cards, and then put it back together.

> Intel NUC Mini PC Display Emulation demo: Watch how this BIOS-enabled option lets you use the Intel NUC to control what’s shown on digital signage when something goes wrong.

Get ready to enable a world of small form-factor business solutions:

> Intel Partner University

> Intel NUC Mini PC Solutions Competency

> Intel NUC Mini PCs


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