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So much cool gear got announced at the big Computex show being held this week in Taiwan, it’s easy to miss some.

But if you have customers who are into gaming systems, you won’t want to miss the updated Alienware m15 and m17 gaming laptops announced this week by Dell’s gaming unit.

Alienware m15 and m17 gaming laptops

Gaming is important to Dell. The company last year took in gaming hardware sales of $3 billion. That’s not only a lot of money. It also represents about 10% of the total worldwide gaming PC market, according to Dell senior VP Ray Wah.

Reflecting the market’s importance, Dell’s Alienware unit has completely redesigned these popular gaming laptops. Among their new features is power by the latest 9th Generation Intel Core mobile processors, which are specially designed to handle AAA gameplay.

U.S. shipments of both Alienware laptops are set to begin on June 11. That’s soon, so you may want to check them out now. Keep reading to learn most of what you and your customers will need to know.

Choose your display size

As the names imply, these Alienware gaming PCs offer a choice of 15-inch or 17-inch displays. The systems weigh in at 4.7 lb. for the m15 and 5.8 lb. for the larger m17, according to Dell.

Both models have the option of packing a 9th Gen Intel Core mobile processor. These CPUs, introduced in April, have a max frequency of 5.0 GHz with up to 8 cores and 16 threads. Intel says these processors were specially designed to enable AAA gameplay on mobile PCs, even while recording and streaming.

The 9th Gen Intel Cores also support a long list of powerful Intel features, including Turbo Boost 2.0 (for overclocking), Software Guard Extensions (for security) and Quick Sync Video (for, well, synching videos).

The new Alienware laptops run on Windows 10 and also support Nvidia’s GeForce graphics. Starting retail prices have been set at around $1,500.

New features

Also supported on the revamped Alienware laptops are several new Dell features. One is called Cryo-Tech 3.0, which the company says offers up to 20% better air-flow cooling — important for hot overclocked systems. Another Dell innovation, Eyesafe, is said to lower blue-light emissions, which may cause health ailments ranging from dry and irritated eyes to insomnia.

Also new on these laptops are a redesigned keyboard, all-magnesium chassis, and the addition of an OLED option for the display.

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