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Discover the 7 most popular blog posts of 2021

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by Peter Krass on 12/15/2021
Blog Category: devices

2021 was a lot of things, but one thing it wasn’t was boring. Intel got a new CEO who decided to fabricate chips for others. Microsoft introduced Windows 11. Facebook changed its name to Meta. And 5G started looking real.

The world of tech providers was pretty exciting, too. Here are 7 blog posts you and your fellow tech providers really liked in 2021.

Meet the new Intel NUC 11 products

Get details on four new Intel NUC products — three Mini PCs and one Compute Element — all based on 11th gen Intel Core processors.

7 new trends for ‘Extreme Partnership’ – and how to adapt to them now

Jason Kimrey, Intel’s GM of U.S. channel and partner programs, explains why complex solutions require new types of business connections.

EdTech heats up with Chromebooks, PCs, more

The pandemic transformed the market for K-12 education technology, accelerating an already huge business. Anyone for a market that’s growing nearly 20% a year?  

Think robotics is out of your league? Think again

Stop watching robotics from the outside. Intel is investing heavily in robot tech, and the company can help you get started with real-time systems, industrial-grade computing, software-development tools and more.

Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions and Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits Accelerate Value for IoT

Fortune favors the fast, and that’s especially true for the Internet of Things. Get fast with help from Intel. It’s offering IoT solutions from partners that are scalable, repeatable and fully supported. And focused IoT offerings for vertical markets. Either way, you can get off to a speedy start.

How silicon photonics connects servers at the speed of light

Data bottlenecks are painful. Clear them up by replacing copper-based transceivers with new, fast ones based on optical tech. Even better, silicon photonics puts up to 8 lasers, modulators, detectors and other optical elements within a silicon chip.

5 top takeaways from Intel Architecture Day 2021

At this August event, Intel execs provided details on the forthcoming Alder Lake system-on-chip, Sapphire Rapids scalable processors, Ponte Vecchio chip for servers, and more.


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