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Device as a Service offers savings for your customers, new revenue for you

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by Peter Krass on 06/24/2021
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How would you like to offer your customers the power and functionality of a full-fledged PC, but without all the complexity and capital expense — all while earning a pretty penny for your efforts?

If that sounds appealing, then you need to know more about Device as a Service.

DaaS is one hot market. Market Research Future estimates that worldwide DaaS subscription fees will rise over the next 5 years at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 56%. By 2026, the market watcher predicts, those subscription fees will total more than $190 billion.

How many of your current markets are growing that fast?

How DaaS works

Like its older siblings SaaS and PaaS, DaaS uses the cloud to provide centrally managed services that were formerly available on premises only. In DaaS’s case, the services are PC applications.

But users don’t need a PC to use DaaS services. Instead, they can use almost any internet-connected device, including inexpensive thin clients. And new apps can be deployed to hundreds or even thousands of virtual desktops in mere minutes.

Encrypted access works to keep their systems and centrally stored data secure and protected. If a computing device is stolen or lost, the account’s access can be shut down immediately, preventing a breach.

For your customers, DaaS can be easy and affordable. Instead of buying PCs and then having to secure, manage and maintain them, they just subscribe to your DaaS service.

Typically, a DaaS subscription fee is monthly and based on the number of users. It may also reflect usage patterns, storage capacities and more.

How Harlin does DaaS                                                                                                      

One tech provider enjoying the many benefits of DaaS is Harlin IT Services. The Seattle-area company has been in business for over 40 years, and it offers SMB customers a wide range of managed and supplemental tech services, as well as consulting.

Harlin logo

About 80% of the hardware Harlin provides its customers is under a DaaS contract, according to Manson DeGraw, the company’s CIO. What’s more, Harlin has purchased all the hardware without having to borrow money. It prices the DaaS service so that the average customer pays back Harlin’s initial cash outlay in 12 to 14 months.

“We’re making good money on DaaS,” DeGraw says, “and not just from financing, but also from having the latest Intel vPro platform-built PCs out in the field.”

DeGraw says those vPro PCs are so reliable, they keep Harlin’s labor and repair costs low. “We’ve standardized on a proven technology that we know works,” he adds.

How you can learn about DaaS

What do you do if you’d like to get into DaaS, but don’t know much about it? Well, Intel has your back, not only with powerful client-systems technology, but also with partner training.

Intel Partner University offers deep training curriculums known as Competencies, and these include DaaS.

Take this course in this competency and you’ll learn the basics of DaaS, its business model, the business problems this model solves for customers, and the different verticals and deployment types. You’ll also learn about the hardware software components needed for a solution and the corresponding client Intel hardware, software and solutions you can recommend when selling DaaS solutions.

Intel currently offers 20 DaaS-related Competencies trainings. Some can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, making the training easy to squeeze into your day.

Complete the DaaS Competency, and you’ll not only be a lot smarter, you’ll also earn a Solution Pro badge you can display online to promote your new area of expertise.

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> Learn more about how DaaS helps Harlin IT Services. Download the full case study by clicking on the PDF link below…

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