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5 top takeaways from Dell’s partner podcast with Intel

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by Peter Krass on 03/25/2022
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Dell & Intel – Accelerating to the Edge is the latest episode in The Partner Connection, Dell Technology’s partner program podcast.

It’s hosted by Cheryl Cook, Dell’s senior VP of global partner marketing. In this episode, she speaks with Jason Kimrey, Intel’s GM of U.S. channel scale and partner.

Cheryl Cook of DellJason Kimrey of Intel

Cheryl Cook of Dell and Jason Kimrey of Intel discuss the power of partnership 

Here are 5 top takeaways from Kimrey’s comments:

1. Re Intel and Dell’s partners: “We see the channel evolving every single day. Our goal is to make sure that any partner that’s recommending and selling technology from edge to cloud has a relationship with Intel and, by extension, with Dell.”

2. Re Pat Gelsinger’s return to Intel as CEO: “It’s amazing how much progress and energy one person can bring to a company. But Pat has been really specific in saying, ‘At Intel, we’re at a torrid pace to get back to unquestioned leadership.’ And that’s absolutely what’s happening.”

3. Re Intel’s 4 technology 'superpowers': “Ubiquitous computing, AI, cloud to edge, and connectivity create so much opportunity — and so much need for partners to help their customers navigate and solve problems.”

4. Re Intel and Dell engaging jointly with partners: “It always starts with, ‘What problem are we solving for our customer? What’s the mission?’ …. Then we try to take industry-standard products and help adapt them, through our partner ecosystem, to meet the needs of our customers…. We’re at our best when we help customers and partners understand the true value that our technology can bring.”

5. Re edge computing: “It used to be, the client was the edge. The PC was as far as the edge went. Now, I almost view the PC as just another edge device…. Now, more and more computing is happening — and has to happen — at the edge. What we see is that customers are looking for partners who can help them design and implement solutions that operate seamlessly from cloud to edge. That’s where we need to work with our partners.”

> Listen to the full Partner Connection podcast: Dell & Intel – Accelerating to the Edge.



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