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Digital Surveillance System
Don’t look now, but surveillance systems are getting smarter

Digital security and surveillance (DSS) tech is getting smarter. Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, microprocessing and the Internet of Things, it’s changing the way we interact...

 Tilting the Playing Field: How Misaligned Incentives
Your clients’ security practices may be giving criminals an advantage

When it comes to cybersecurity, chances are your clients talk the talk a whole lot better than they walk the walk. So finds a new report, entitled Tilting the Playing Field: How Misaligned Incentives...

RSA conference focuses tech industry on cybersecurity

With the big RSA security conference being held this week in San Francisco, much of the IT industry has its collective mind on cybersecurity. You should, too. Sponsors of the big RSA show include...

IT pros trust the cloud
Despite security issues, IT pros trust the cloud: survey

Cloud security issues are common, yet IT professionals trust the cloud. Call them contrary, but that’s a key finding of a new report from Intel Security. It’s based on the company’s Sept. 2016 survey...

More Cyber protection is needed
Security reports show need for increased cyber protection

2017 looks like the year when cybersecurity breaks out from “nice to have” to a “must have.” Three recent reports on cybersecurity highlight how dangerous the IT environment has become — and how much...

85% of organizations suffered cyberattack, info theft in last year: survey

How big a threat is cyber crime? Pretty big, finds Kroll. The company, a provider of risk solutions, earlier this year commissioned Forrester Research to interview online 545 senior executives...

Cloud-based communications
Cloud-based communications to grow next year: survey

The cloud isn’t only for computing and data. Communications in the cloud is taking off, too. Fast growth is expected in 4 main areas: cloud-based PBX, mobile applications, unified communications (UC...