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Your small and midsize business customers need to start updating their servers. Support for both SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 is ending soon. Running outdated and unsupported systems can be risky.

Also, some of your SMB customers may still be running older desktop systems as primitive file servers.

Sound familiar? If so, then your clients — and you — are in luck.

Earlier this month, Intel announced the availability of its new Xeon E-2100 processors for servers. These processors power entry-level servers and offer the performance, reliability, manageability and security of a true server at very affordable prices.

High performers

A bit on the underlying tech: The new Intel Xeon E-2100 processors offer up to 6 cores and 12 threads; speeds of up to 4.7 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0; up to 128 GB of DDR4 memory; and up to 40 lanes of PCI Express for graphics, storage and network expandability.

With the Intel Xeon E-2100 processors, Intel says, your SMB customers can enjoy a nearly 50% general performance improvement in entry-level server performance, compared with a 4-year-old Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 processor.

The server advantage

But what if your SMB customers ask why they should bother replacing older servers or upgrading their desktop-based file/email servers with “real” server hardware? Give them these great reasons:

> Reliability: Server hardware is designed for superior uptime and availability, so small-business data will be available when your clients need it. That also brings greater productivity, lower TCO and happier users.

> Manageability & Security: Server firmware is superior to what’s available in consumer desktops. Also, with the Intel Xeon E-2100 processor, your customers can take advantage of Intel Server Platform Services to support remote management and hardware-enhanced security.

> Cost: Entry-level servers built around the Intel Xeon E-2100 processors are available now, or coming soon, from leading hardware providers. And retail prices are being set below $1,000. That’s attractive for SMB buyers. And on a price/performance basis, it’s even more attractive.

Microsoft moves

Also, do your SMB customers realize that Microsoft plans to end its support for SQL Server 2008 next July, and for Windows Server 2008 in Jan. 2020?

That may seem like a way off, but it’s not. Now’s the time for your customers to start planning their server upgrades — and to start evaluating their processor and server hardware options.

A server based on an Intel Xeon E-2100 processor is powerful enough to handle Microsoft’s latest server software. That’s important. The software giant is now urging SMBs to upgrade to new versions of both Windows Server and SQL Server.

So give your SMB server-using customers a heads up. The new Intel Xeon E-2100 platform for servers can power their entry-level servers to deliver data-center-level services, support the latest Microsoft software, and do it all at a price they can afford.

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