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What’s your Intel Partner Alliance role?

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by Peter Krass on 03/29/2021
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One important aspect of the new Intel Partner Alliance is what’s known as roles.

Every member of Intel Partner Alliance will be assigned a role based on their business competency. Each role has its own set of requirements and benefits. The new roles are also designed to unite partners in a program designed to meet their business needs and spur innovation.

Intel Partner Alliance

Which role fits your company? Here’s a complete list of the 9 new Intel Partner Alliance roles, along with their official definitions:

> FPGA design services: Offers engineering services related to Intel field-programmable gate array products. These include RTL design, design optimization, IP integration, feasibility studies, testing and verification, and FPGA board design.

> Cloud service provider (CSP): Offers as-a-Service cloud offerings that include software (SaaS), infrastructure (IaaS), and platform (PaaS).

> Independent software vendor (ISV): Develops, sells and supports both branded and non-branded software and applications.

> Distributor: Sells the latest Intel processors, SSDs, server products and other components, all sourced directly from Intel.

> Manufacturer: Builds systems and subsystems (including motherboards) for both compute and IoT. These companies then provide these products to other partners (such as OEMs) in the value chain.

> OEM: Designs and brands their own products. Some have their own manufacturing, assembly and configuration operations. Others purchase from manufacturers and then resell under their own brand.

> Solution provider: Resells OEM systems and software, and providers of IT services. They provide solutions directly to customers, through channel networks and via storefront retail.

> Service integrator: Architects and implements business-process transformation and solution integrations. Also offer consulting by connecting and integrating software, hardware and cloud solutions.

> Guest: None of the above.

Intel will determine your role based on information you provide, information from Intel field staff, and information from public sources.

Most likely, you’ll qualify for just one role. But if multiple roles are appropriate, or if you believe you’ve been assigned an incorrect role, get in touch with your Intel field rep or customer-support person.

Intel Partner Alliance offers some powerful benefits. Make sure you’ve activated your account. And start enjoying your new partnership role.

Get enrolled:

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