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Want to manage servers with greater ease and impact? Check out Intel server tools

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by Peter Krass on 09/17/2021
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

You’ve asked for tools to optimize your servers and run them more efficiently, and now Intel is offering them.

Intel is developing these server tools with the active participation of its channel partners. They’re helping Intel test these tools on the company’s latest servers: the Intel Server System M50CYP family for mainstream workloads, and the Intel Server System D50TNP family for high-performance computing (HPC) and AI applications.

Intel has also set up a new Server Tools website to provide you with a platform for building applications and services. Because all the tools capabilities are based on open, accessible APIs, you can incorporate them into your own offerings.

Firmware Tracker 2.0

Keeping track of updates to server firmware can be a real pain. Manually hunting down all the firmware in a data center, then checking to see which ones need an update, takes time. Plus, the work can be so painstaking, making one or more mistakes isn’t all that hard.

To make the task easier, quicker and less painful, Intel has developed Firmware Tracker. It’s software that finds the latest firmware versions for all Intel Datacenter Solutions server system hardware. And it does so in real time.

Intel will soon offer version 2.0 of the Firmware Tracker. Among the new features is “one-click firmware download,” which lets you integrate numerous installs into a single task. For example, let’s say you need 5 firmware updates; the tool can update all 5 in just 1 shot, helping you to rack and stack in less than an hour.

The Intel Firmware Tracker also lets you build and store a system configuration as a list of components, then get an email notification when any of them gets further updates.

Intel also provides firmware tracking as both a user-experience-optimized online application and a broad-scale web service API.

Server power calculator

It’s important to forecast active power consumption for an Intel Datacenter Solutions custom server system for specific workloads you or your customers are thinking of buying. But it isn’t easy.

That’s why Intel has developed a tool to do just that. A pilot was launched in July with 30 users from 10 companies. Intel expects to release the first version quite soon.

The tool includes a web application user interface to help you create a test server configuration. The tool then analyzes the configuration’s power consumption (in watts) for specific workloads.

Due to power estimation process improvements, Intel expects users of the new tool to see power-consumption reductions as great as 20% for specific configurations and workloads over previous tools.

EU Lot 9 Compliance Forecaster

The European Union’s Lot 9 regulations lay out a strict set of energy-related requirements, such as idle power usage, for enterprise servers, data storage and related equipment.

Complying with Lot 9 is the responsibility of resellers. To help them, Intel has developed software directly integrated into the Intel Datacenter Solutions Configure-to-Order Portal.

Similar to the other tools, this one lets you enter a configuration, and then it analyzes your configuration for compliance. You can save configurations for reuse in the future, too.

Check out the site: Intel Datacenter Solutions Engineering Online Software


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