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Video: Watch this AI fireside chat

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by Intel on 01/26/2021
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In this new half-hour video, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Thomas Friedman and Mobileye’s’ laureate Prof. Amnon Shashua sit down for a virtual fireside chat to unpack the global impact and ethical complexities of artificial intelligence.
Friedman takes us through his view of what he calls Promethean Moments – major events like the printing press, industrial revolution and the phase that we are going through today.
Friedman says there are 3 simultaneous accelerations happening now: markets (globalization), Mother Nature (climate change) and Moore’s Law (technology.) What he sees unfolding is a world that he calls fast, fused and deep—and it’s forcing us to change everything. And one of those things is the relationship between humans and machines.
Thomas Friedman and Amnon Shashua
Virtually fireside: Amnon Shashua of Mobileye (left) and journalist Thomas Friedman
Shashua embarks on an interesting philosophical journey through the idea of sharing values between ‘man’ and machine, how AI is evolving, and where it could be in less than 5 years.
What follows is more than a theoretical debate about AI. It starts with the idea that machines can actually lower the IQ of humans over decades by doing the thinking and leaving humans to take it easy. Then the discussion follows to the expectation that machines eventually will evolve to possess the capabilities to make human—or better than human—judgements.  
This fascinating discussion delves into the evolution of AI from pattern recognition to breaking the next frontier: language. Reading comprehension and writing, Shashua says, is not science fiction, and he points to the example of AlphaGo Zero as a model. 
Shashua also says that brute force—in the form of massive compute power and lots and lots of data—matters, not just algorithms. Brute force, he adds, allows you to do things now that seemed like science fiction years ago.  
Tune in to hear how these visionaries predict the dawn of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and discuss the importance, complexity and challenges of AI alignment between humans and machines.

Visit the Intel Newsroom to see the video.


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