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What can you get from joining the Intel Technology Provider program? You probably already know that ITP is a global membership organization for businesses like yours that sell or recommend Intel technology. That helps Intel. But what’s in it for you?


To learn more, watch this short video with Tim Aguilar, founder and CEO of Calculated Research and Technology. Tim’s a Platinum level member of ITP, which he says “provides you with the technical capabilities to move forward.”



In the video, Tim speaks with Andrea Medeiros, content services director at The Channel Co. They were taped at the recent Intel Solutions Summit 2017. “Intel is so deep into so many areas," Tim told her, “that it offers a real value to companies like mine.” 


How can you get the most from ITP membership?


“Isolate what you want to achieve,” Tim advises. “Ask yourself what your timeline is…[then] use the resources of Intel to help achieve those goals in the area of marketing, in the area of technical background resources, in the area of physical hardware and materials. These are all elements of the relationship which play a principal part in growth.”


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