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Women in the IT channel have made a lot of progress. That doesn’t mean the job is done.

To learn more, check out this short video with Donna Shepard, executive VP of M&A Technology. In her interview with Andrea Medeiros of The Channel Co., Donna reveals that she’s the only woman on the board of the Intel Technology Provider program — a situation that both she and Intel want to change:

“The [ITP] board really wants to diversify,” Donna says. “Every year one of our top agenda items is: How do we get more women on the board?”

“The issue is,” she continues, “there is not a whole lot of women in our positions in technology, and that starts in the schools.”

While she agrees that the situation is improving, Donna adds: “Now is the time for the women to step up and be part of our solutions....On the [ITP] board, we would love to have another candidate who's a woman.”

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