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Support hi-speed storage & networks with the Intel Ethernet 800 Series

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by Peter Krass on 12/16/2021
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

What do you get when you virtualize high-performance storage drives and high-speed Ethernet? Cost savings. But at the same time, datacenter customers still demand bare-metal performance for high-speed storage and networking with low latency.

So how can your customers realize storage cost savings while still getting the performance they need?

With Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), a key technology for storage networks. It’s not just for high-performance clusters anymore.

Intel Ethernet 800 Series network adapters support RDMA and drivers for VMware vSAN. That can give your customers the higher throughput, lower CPU utilization, and lower latency they need. And all with standard Ethernet technology.

Intel 800 Series network adapter

Plus, Intel Ethernet 800 Series devices are simple to gear up. VMware vSAN is an integrated solution for virtual storage, and you can enable an environment with just one click. Then, with RDMA enabled on their network adapters, your vSAN customers can get up to 29% higher storage performance.

Supporting high bandwidth

The Intel Ethernet 800 Series network adapters support all Ethernet-based storage transports. That includes iWARP (internet wide-area RDMA protocol) and RoCEv2, a protocol for RDMA over Converged Ethernet.

Also, the Intel Ethernet 800 Series network adapters deliver up to 200GbE in a single PCIe Gen4 x16 slot. That’s what your customers need for their most bandwidth-intensive software.

Also, your customers can use the Intel Ethernet 800 Series to deliver Ethernet wherever a clustered, distributed compute environment is needed. That could include systems for AI, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), high-performance computing (HPC), cloud, big data analytics, or selected enterprise applications.

Your customers can also save both time and money. The Intel Ethernet 800 Series is based on standard Ethernet components. That’s technology most technical staff are familiar with, limiting the need for additional training.

What the researchers found

All this has been quantified in a recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) report. Share these findings with your customers to help them understand how the Intel Ethernet 800 Series network adapters could help them.

ESG logo

ESG looked at the challenge of optimizing efficiency and performance with Azure Stack HCI. Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is a Microsoft hybrid-cloud offering, powered by Intel technology. It’s designed to modernize infrastructure, consolidate virtualized workloads and boost efficiency.

The report’s author, ESG senior analyst Jack Poller, finds that Intel Ethernet 800 Series network adapters enable Azure Stack HCI to move volumes of data efficiently and securely. And, he adds, they can do so across a mix of on-premises, edge and cloud deployments.

Poller also notes that Intel Ethernet 800 Series network adapters let Azure Stack HCI admins choose from storage speeds and RDMA choices.

Further, ESG’s performance tests revealed that Azure Stack HCI with Intel Ethernet 800 Series network adapters could sustain more than 3.06 million IOPS (input-output operations per second) and more than 2GB/sec data transfer with a 0.4 msec response time.

This level of performance, Poller writes, “demonstrates the ability of the solution to support the most demanding business needs for streaming and file access, OLTP [online transaction processing] and other use cases.”

If your customers are using high-performance storage, they also need high throughput and low latency. Tell them about RDMA available on Intel Ethernet Series 800 Series products.

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