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Have you had “the talk” yet with your data-center customers?

I mean the conversation where you tell your customers why they urgently need to refresh their aging servers.

The time for this conversation is now. Many customers are eager to deploy hybrid and private-cloud service models.

But if their legacy infrastructure is 4 or more years old — and that’s typical for an SMB — then their hardware needs a refresh. Older server hardware simply can’t meet today’s requirements for performance, security and cost.

There’s also the issue of key sever software platforms approaching their end-of-life. Microsoft plans to end support of SQL Server 2008/R2 in July, and to end support for Windows Server 2008/R2 support in January. Both dates are coming soon.

Processor power

Yet another reason to upgrade servers now is the new line of 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Announced last month, these Intel processors offer improved benefits that include high performance and agility, enhanced memory support and security, and accelerated AI.

Also, selected SKUs of the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors support Intel Optane DC persistent memory. This new type of memory technology delivers near-DDR performance at lower-than-DDR prices.

Your 4-in-1 tool suite

The Intel Xeon Scalable Advisor Tool Suite is your 4-in-1 tool to help you have the “server refresh” conversation with your customers. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

> Transition Guide: This tool provides a SKU-for-SKU comparison table that highlights the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors’ key features, performance, power and price. The tool also recommends CPU options for efficiency, comparability and performance.

> Data Center TCO Tool: What’s the total cost of ownership for servers based on 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors? This tool provides a side-by-side comparison, providing information on both TCO and return on investment (ROI). It can also suggest CPU alternatives to consider. 

> Intel Xeon Scalable System Catalog: OEMs including Dell, HPE and Lenovo offer server systems based on the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors. To help you select and order the server hardware that best fits your clients’ needs, this tool provides OEM server details, including Intel products and their OEM part numbers.

> Storage & Connectivity Tool: Learn how to scale up the performance benefits of the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable platform with storage and networking hardware. This tool also compares configurations for the best possible fit.


Get started now: Check out the Intel Xeon Scalable Advisor Tool Suite

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