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Scaling up your skills with Intel Partner University Competencies

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by Peter Krass on 06/04/2021
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

Are you ready for the recovery? Right now is a great time to invest in that future by gaining knowledge, insights and capabilities. And one place you can do all that is Intel Partner University.

What recovery? The one that CIOs believe is coming. A new survey finds that more than half (56%) of IT decision-makers are actually increasing their tech budgets. And a third (34%) plan to accelerate their digital transformation projects.

The survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Xerox, received responses from 600 IT pros. All respondents work for large organizations with at least 500 employees, based in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany and France.

Speaking of Canada, IDC recently predicted that digital transformation spending in that country will rise 7% this year, to hit C$28 billion (roughly US$20.5 billion). That’s less than IDC had forecast earlier, but an increase is an increase.

Get ready now

That’s the future. Today, with Intel Partner University’s in-depth Competencies program, you can get quick and easy access to the right training to develop and enhance your skills. Competencies are training paths with defined curriculums that delve deeply into the topic area and address related Intel products and solutions.

Then, when you’re done, Intel’s Competencies Badges will give you verified credentials to help increase your credibility and demonstrate your knowledge to both current and potential customers.

Adam Ariff, a Technical Representative from BMSTAR Technology SDN BHD: “The competency training presents information in easy chunks. The modules are well structured, and the material is presented in ways that are educational while entertaining, and easy to learn and remember. Because of what I’ve learned through the competencies, I’m able to highlight the benefits of Intel technologies and answer questions about how they compare to other vendors’ products. Customers see me as a credible, trustworthy expert because I can talk about what is important to them and speak knowledgably about how various Intel products and technologies can meet their needs.”

Intel Partner University Competencies can be taken by all types of Intel partners. You qualify if you’re a member of the Intel Partner Alliance (Gold or Titanium level).

Two ways to go

Intel Partner University offers not one but two types of Competencies.

One is Technical Competencies. They're for engineers, IT architects, developers and others who develop and deliver back-end systems.

The other type is Solution Competencies. These are for people working in sales, marketing and business development who need to position solutions for customers.

The two go hand-in-hand. First, you need to figure out whether you can handle a specific technology. Then you need to develop the business value proposition. Hence, two ways to be competent.

Currently, Intel Partner University offers no fewer than 17 Competencies with topics including cloud, high performance computing, IoT solutions, Edge AI, Client Managed Services, FPGA, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), and others covering critical business areas.

These Competencies are fairly involved, with defined curriculums to get you the skills you need. For example, the Selling IoT Solutions Competency comprises four courses. Three of these courses take an hour each, and one takes 90 minutes. The Competency in FPGA Fundamentals is even more extensive. It offers 10 trainings of various lengths delving into the key aspects of FPGA needed for Engineers.

As mentioned above, complete a Competency, and you’ll earn a Badge. You can then display this badge on your company website, LinkedIn page, email or other online locations.

Each Competency Badge is typically valid for 18 months. To renew the badge after that, you’ll need to complete the refreshed training.

Look ahead

In the future, the Intel Partner University Competencies should become even more useful and valuable to you.

Intel is continually working on new and different Competencies to enhance partners skills in key business area. These should soon include on-premises storage and client platforms.

Skill up now with Intel Partner University Competencies.

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