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Your small and midsize data-center customers have new options from Intel: a new generation of entry-level server CPUs, the Intel Xeon E-2200 processors.

This new processor family comprises 12 SKUs, designated E-22xx. They range from 4 cores/4 threads to 8 cores/16 threads. In terms of top processing speeds, the two high-end SKUs each have a maximum Turbo frequency of 5.0 GHz.

For your SMB data-center customers, the benefits can come in 4 main areas:

> Performance: The Intel Xeon E processors deliver up to 2X the performance of an entry-level server from 2015, according to Intel’s own tests.

> Expandability: Maximum memory on the Intel Xeon E processors has doubled to 128GB, and max memory bandwidth has been increased by about 20% to 41.6 GB/sec.

> Reliability: Server-management capabilities are built into the Intel Xeon E processors with Intel Active Memory Technology and — via a new firmware update — Intel Server Platform Services & Node Manager.

> Security:  Hardware-enhanced security is part and parcel of the new CPUs, thanks to Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX).

Good timing

The new processors coincide with Microsoft’s announcement that it is ending active support for Windows Server 2008 starting in January. That gives any of your customers with the older OS only a couple months to make the transition. After that, Microsoft will end free updates, support and new technical content for WinServer ‘08.

Your customers may also want to update both their server hardware and OS, as many entry-level servers are now outdated. Microsoft estimates that 60% of its server installed base, some 24 million instances, are still on Win Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 — and the latter is already out of service.

Also, if your SMB customers are still using older desktop PCs as low-cost servers, they could benefit from moving to “real” server hardware. Desktops aren’t designed to run as servers. So they lack server-management features, and they often can’t expand enough to integrate with cloud services. Older PCs tend to crash a lot, too, as moving parts wear out and software gets virtually tangled.

Server options

Dell and HP are both migrating their entry-level servers to the new Intel Xeon E-2200 processors. For example, Dell’s PowerEdge T40 tower server for small businesses now comes standard with the new Intel Xeon E-2224G processor. Retail prices for this Dell server start at an affordable $680.

Also, Intel channel partners can build their own Intel Xeon E-2200 processor-based servers using the Intel Server Board M10JNP2SB product family. In addition, “drop and plop” boards with the new Intel Xeon processors are available from Super Micro.

Get on board. Make the new Intel Xeon E processors for servers part of your SMB customers’ data-center refresh.


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