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Need world-class products & services for datacenter customers? Get help from Intel

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by Peter Krass on 02/02/2021
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

Selecting the right servers for your customers and their workloads is only half the battle. The other half is keeping those servers up and running. For this important job, Intel is here to help.

Ensuring that servers are up and running is essential. And it’s a whole lot easier when your server supplier offers top notch service and support for an already high-quality product.

Intel server products

Providing top-notch server support has always been a core competency and differentiating value for Intel. Now the company has stats to prove it. Intel recently earned a Net Promoter Score of 80. That means Intel’s customers are highly satisfied and likely to recommend the company’s servers to their friends and colleagues.

Key elements

Intel has certainly been walking the talk. Here are some of the key elements and benefits that you get when buying Intel servers and engage with Intel’s support teams:

> Purpose-built solutions: Intel offers help from pre-purchase to post-purchase, and for customers of all sizes. Solution architects are available to help you and your customers drive today’s digital transformation, whether they’re giant enterprises, midsize companies or even small businesses.

> Intel components: Intel servers use Intel components. That means that when there is a problem — whether with an SSD drive, Ethernet adapter or any other server component — Intel will go straight to the source to get it fixed correctly and quickly.

> Transparent supply chain: Intel knows that you and your customers are increasingly concerned about supply-chain security. That’s why it provides three levels of transparency:

* Platform certificate: Ensuring the motherboard was built in an Intel factory.

* As-built data files: Provides information on every component placed on the board, including manufacturer, batch and serial numbers.

* Platform data files: Including all system-level components, such as drives and networking connections. Software audit tools are also available.

> Long-term commitment: Intel has been working with the server channel since at least 1993. The company isn’t going anywhere. Its support for the channel is a long-term deal.

Tap into value

But wait, there’s more. Throughout the server-purchase cycle, Intel also offers you and your customers a long list of service and support options. Here are some of the services you can tap into:

> Pre-purchase: Selection assistance, competitive pricing, and hardware “try before you buy” sample program.

> Purchase: Worldwide distribution with competitive lead times, configure-to-order, and Stock Visibility Options with Quick Build SKUs for faster time-to-market, as well as predictable and predetermined shipping times.

> Deployment: Training and tools, validation and certification, and a standard 3-year warranty (with a 5-year option).

> Operations & maintenance: 24x7 global support, onsite support via Premier Support Partners, rapid parts/product replacements, simplified management tools, and access to Intel engineers.

When it comes to keeping your customers’ servers up and running, there’s no longer any need to go it alone. Reach out and get expert, world-class support from Intel. Your customers will like it, too.


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