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There’s nothing cloudy about the outlook for cloud computing. That’s true even with so much IT spending now on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

IDC recently predicted that IT infrastructure spending worldwide will rise nearly 4% this year, reaching $237 billion. In large part, the market watcher adds, that will be due to strong and ongoing demand for cloud services.

Yet for many tech providers, especially resellers and others who specialize in hardware, setting up customers’ cloud services can be a whole new game.

Fortunately, you can now get help from Intel. Specifically, the Cloud Infrastructure on Intel Competency in Intel Partner University.

Training gains

If you haven’t heard about Intel Partner University (IPU) yet, it’s is a key component of the new Intel Partner Alliance. IPU was launched late last year. Now it offers a variety of training formats that you can use pretty much anywhere, anytime and from any device.

IPU offers literally hundreds of training courses in technologies that include AI, gaming systems, the Internet of Things, Intel Optane and vPro technologies, and high performance computing. And for Intel Partners, they’re all free.

Within IPU, the Competencies offer even deeper training to help you build expertise in a specific product, technology or business segment. Once you’ve completed a Competency and passed the related test, you’ll claim a digital badge that you can display online for a full year.

Intel Partner University cloud competency badge

IPU’s Cloud Infrastructure on Intel competency is designed for technical integrators, technical sellers, and solution architects. Here, you’ll get many of the critical skills and knowledge on Intel platforms, software and technologies you’ll need to create cloud services and solutions.

This competency covers topics from the basics up to intermediate levels. If you’re a new hire, it will help you ramp up quickly. Or, if you’re more experienced, this competency will help you gain deeper insights gleaned from field-tested technical expertise and industry best practices.

Also, any training credits you earn by completing an IPU course can be applied toward your company’s annual training requirements for its Intel Technology Provider membership level.

For colleagues and partners outside the U.S., this Cloud Infrastructure competency offers courses in four languages. So not only English, but also Spanish, German and Simplified Chinese.

Completing the full curriculum takes approximately 5 hours — though of course you don’t have to do it all at once.

Cloud sampling

Here are a few of the training courses now available from Intel Partner University’s cloud infrastructure competency:

> Security for the Cloud: This 50-minute course dives deeply into cyber risk and cloud security solutions. Topics include regulatory compliance, security challenges and Intel’s security strategy.

> Network Transformation from Edge to Cloud: Also 50 minutes long, this course covers the latest data-center networking innovations, including software-defined networking and SD-WANs.

> Storage Transformation with Software-Defined Storage: In this 65-minute course, you’ll learn the basic concepts behind software-defined storage. You’ll also explore this technology’s benefits, market outlook and use cases.

Don’t miss out

The more you use Intel Partner University, the more you’ll benefit. The IPU site uses an AI engine to discretely monitor usage, then recommend courses based on your role, interests and training goals.

The IPU site also shows you which courses are currently popular with your peers and colleagues. You’ll never need suffer from fear of missing out (FOMO) again!

> Get competent with cloud infrastructure on Intel Partner University.

> Not yet an Intel Partner? Learn more about the Intel Technology Provider program and register to join now.


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