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Multicloud is mainstream. Fully 85% of organizations now operate multicloud environments. And most of the remaining 15% plan to go multicloud within the next three years.

So finds a new IBM survey of 1,016 C-level executive in 19 countries and over a dozen industries. The survey was conducted earlier this year, and the results were released by IBM this week.

Hybrid clouds can connect 1 or more public, private or hybrid clouds to on-premises systems. They also can network 1 or more clouds to other clouds.

Often, these clouds are being implemented outside the IT department. Nearly 60% of respondents to the IBM survey said independent cloud adoption by non-IT business units has already create a de facto multicloud environment

Multiicloud drivers

What’s behind the move to multicloud? Mostly business gains, the survey finds:

> Two thirds (66%) of respondents say their multicloud environments enhance margins, and over half (52%) say multiple clouds produce new revenue streams.

> Nearly two-thirds (62%) say they need multiple clouds to create innovative business models.

> Just over half (51%) say they use multiple clouds to create flexible, modular IT infrastructures that can absorb and leverage tech advances.

> Nearly half (49%) are using cloud to develop new and enhanced products and services.

> Almost as many (46%) need a multicloud environment to support agile business processes.

Multiclouds, multi-gains

Is all this effort producing results? Yes. The IBM survey finds that real mastery of multicloud environments can deliver measurable business results.

To figure this out, IBM first identified the most proficient operators of multicloud environments, those it calls “multicloud maestros.” It turns out these experts represent about 1 in 5 of the organizations surveyed.

Next, IBM compared this group’s business results to others in the survey base. And it found that these maestros have enjoyed real business gains over the past three years:

> Over half the maestros (51%) say they’ve seen revenue growth, compared with about a third (32%) of others.

> Nearly two-thirds of the maestros (62%) have enjoyed greater profitability, compared with fewer than half (43%) of others.

> More than three-quarters of the maestros (76%) have created greater efficiency, compared with about a third (35%) of others.

> More than two-thirds of the maestros (69%) have seen greater effectiveness in achieving objectives, compared with fewer than a third (29%) of others.

Challenges remain

That’s not to say that achieving an effective multicloud environment is always easy. In fact, IBM’s survey identified 4 serious challenges:

> Managing and optimizing costs: cited by 63% of respondents

> Meeting performance goals: 61%

> Establishing IT governance and control: 55%

> Ensuring security and compliance: 55%

For your data-center customers, multicloud is the new normal. But as the survey shows, they still need your help.

Learn more: View the full IBM cloud report


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