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Move faster with stock visibility options for Intel Data Center Blocks

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by Peter Krass on 12/02/2020
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

Looking to accelerate your business? Intel has a new program that lets you order Intel Data Center Blocks (Intel DCBs) from an array of supply availability options, including in-stock prebuilt, pre-configured and configure-to-order. Even better, ship times can be as quick as just 3 days.

This program, rolled out earlier in this year, is known as Stock Visibility Options for Intel Data Center Blocks.

If you’re unfamiliar with Intel Data Center Blocks, they’re pre-validated server systems that offer tech providers an expedited path to market. Intel DCBs are available in configurations optimized for specific workloads, such as cloud, business IT and networking. And they’re certified by leading ISVs, including Microsoft, VMware and Nutanix.

The biggest advantage of ordering Intel DCBs within the Intel Stock Visibility Options program: They ship quickly. Intel’s fully configured servers typically have ship lead times of 3 1/2 weeks to 8 weeks. But by leveraging Intel’s Stock Visibility Options, you can get an Intel DCB with a ship lead time of 3 weeks or less.

With this program, Intel makes it easy to see what’s immediately available for integration, and then ships it quickly. That means you or your customer can order configured systems from Intel that have a faster shipping time, speeding your time-to-market.

Fourfold path

Within this Intel program, there are 4 ways to order pre-validated server systems that ship with standard, fully configured Intel DCBs:

> Express Ship: These already-assembled systems on Intel-tested and validated hardware are ready for immediate shipping, generally in 3 days or less.

> Quick Build: Choose from a list of available configurations, and Intel will then assemble your server using tested and validated Intel DCBs. These generally ship in no more than 14 days.

> Quick Build with Expanded Options: This is essentially a configure-to-order option. It lets you begin with a predefined Quick Build configuration, then customize further to match a customer’s needs. To keep things speedy, the system lets you add in-stock components only, ensuring that all custom systems can ship within 18 days.

> In Stock: With this option, you identify and select readily available components. The complete system will then ship within 18 days

The benefits of this program include greater transparency, faster time to market, and consistent quality. Transparency, because you can predict your shipment and delivery dates. Faster time to market because, well, the ship times come sooner. And consistent quality because all systems meet Intel’s specs.

Marketing help, too

Intel is also offering server marketing help for partners like you. The company’s Server Product Marketing Library is a public-facing site you can either use as-is or customize.

Within the site, you’ll find the Stock Visibility Options for Intel DCB Marketing Kit. It includes an introductory video, messaging framework, training deck, web banners, overview slides, an email template, and banners and icons you can send to customers.

Put it all together, and you have a powerful new way to accelerate your server business. Check out the Intel Stock Visibility Options for Intel Data Center Blocks today:

> Intel Configure-to-Order Portal

> Intel Server Product Marketing Library

> Intel server products


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