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Your cloud customers today need more than just components — they need total solutions. But what if that’s something you can’t yet deliver?

For help delivering total cloud solutions, many tech providers are turning to Intel. You already know about Intel’s innovative components, including client and data-center processors, network adapters, storage devices and must more. But today Intel also offers industry-leading cloud solutions and training.

Wonder how Intel could help your company provide complete cloud solutions? Get ideas from these 3 mini case studies. They show how innovative providers are working with Intel to satisfy the needs of today’s cloud customers.

Gompute: Seamless HPC in the cloud

Gompute provides high performance computing (HPC) solutions — both on premises and in the cloud — for the auto, oil and gas, nuclear, offshore energy, marine, finance and consulting industries. Since its founding in 2002, Göteborg, Sweden-based Gompute has served customers that need access to HPC expertise and capacity.

Gompute logo

Business has been good. In fact, by 2016 Gompute needed to add HPC resources to meet growing customer demand. 

To bolster its HPC-in-the-cloud infrastructure, Gompute implemented a solution based on Lenovo servers powered by Intel Xeon processors and interconnected by Intel Omni-Path Architecture (OPA), which offers cost-effective scalability for HPC solutions. Several of the servers also offer visualization processing with Nvidia GPUs.

The result is a win-win for both Gompute and its customers. Customers can make better use of their resources; instead of buying their own workstations or large clusters, they can schedule time on the provider’s clusters on an as-needed basis. And Gompute enjoys the low latency and high message rate these servers provide.

phoenixNAP: Multicloud data management

When phoenixNAP, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based provider of data-center services, developed its Elasticsearch Service, it turned to a specialized artificial intelligence service combined with Intel Optane persistent memory.

phoenixNAP logo

Elasticsearch technology enables huge volumes of metadata to be efficiently searched, stored and scaled in object storage. It addresses the challenge of monitoring and analyzing this data using cutting-edge AI-based technologies and a powerful hardware platform.

The solution involves an AI-based technology known as Vizion.AI. It’s provided by Panzura, a Silicon Valley-based supplier of multicloud analytics and machine-learning services. To ensure excellent performance and allow for service scalability, Panzura turned to phoenixNAP and Intel to build an infrastructure that can process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

The platform was built using 2nd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and can also use Intel Optane persistent memory as a cache.

That new combo cut the service’s latency by 80% and accelerated indexing by 3x, compared with hosting the solution in a hyperscale cloud environment. As a result, Vizion.ai customers can now analyze metadata stored in the provider’s data centers without needing to validate the data sovereignty of a new provider. Also, phoenixNAP provides the service to new customers who seek an easy way to make sense of their metadata.

UCloud: Meeting peak demand

UCloud, a Chinese cloud provider, provides “as a Service” platforms from 28 data centers. Its customers — in industries including ecommerce, gaming and retail — require huge amounts of high-frequency, small-packet transmissions. This placed great demand the input-output (I/O) capabilities of UCloud’s network.

UCloud logo

To meet this challenge, UCloud installed servers with 2nd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Then the company launched the Net-Enhanced UHost, which can process up to 5 million packets per second — up to 5x faster than the previous generation. UCloud also installed Intel SSD storage drives and 25GbE Intel Ethernet networking; together, these help UCloud meet the demands of peak network traffic.

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