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Everyone likes to talk about the cutting edge, even the bleeding edge. But are your customers stuck back on the trailing edge?

You know about those trailing-edge customers. They’re the ones still running PCs on Windows 7 or even XP. And the ones with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 behind their databases.

When it comes to support for these trailing-edge products, your customers are mostly on their own. They’re using products that are past end-of-life, even end-of-support. And their networks are still connected by older equipment.

For example, your customers may still be using Intel Ethernet 500 Series Network Adapters. These adapters have been around for over a decade. Yet they remain the gold standard for delivering wire-speed bandwidth with low overhead and fast small-packet performance.

Survey your IT managers, and they’ll tell you why they still use an Intel Ethernet 500 Series Network Adapter: “It just works.”

Guess what, they do! The Intel Ethernet 500 Series is embedded in so many designs, it’s destined to be around for years to come.

But things have changed in today’s networks. Customers need more flexibility to adapt to today’s new and challenging virtualized applications and server environments.

One architecture, multiple speeds

Enter the newer Intel Ethernet 700 Series. These adapters have the same “It just works” attitude. But they add the flexibility needed to meet the latest network challenges.

For example, where the older Intel Ethernet 500 Series runs at only one speed (10 Gbps), the Intel Ethernet 700 Series architecture runs multiple speeds: 1, 10, 25 and 40 Gbps.

The Intel Ethernet 700 Series also offers a partially programmable pipeline with Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP). This improves throughput and latency while reducing the CPU’s load.

That’s important. Today’s highly virtualized and software-defined networks are far more flexible and virtualized than networks were in 2009, when the Intel Ethernet 500 Series first shipped.

Prime-time ready

What’s more, the Intel Ethernet 700 Series Network Adapter drivers and firmware are mature. That’s allowing both partners and end users to integrate the Intel Ethernet 700 Series into their newer solutions, especially virtualized networks.

Perhaps the most important ones for your SMB customers: the 10GBASE-T Intel Ethernet Network Adapters.  

Compared with earlier products, these Intel adapters provide more bandwidth while using less power. Also, they provide speeds of 1, 2.5, 5 and 10GbE. And they’re ideal for customers looking for additional flexibility. Again, all that on just a single architecture.

There’s more, too. The Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710 supports SFP+ fiber and direct-attach copper. This provides compatibility to not only current networks, but also whatever your customer might need in the future.

Stop trailing

So give your customers the edge and flexibility they need for today’s data-driven world. Tell them about the benefits of moving off the trailing edge, and instead moving up to the Intel Ethernet 700 Series. They’ll thank you for it.

Oh, and don’t forget Intel’s limited life-time warranty for channel customers! That’s the cutting-edge for you.

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