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Leading healthcare providers and suppliers are using Intel Optane technology to deliver patients’ medical test results faster. In one case, 20x faster.

That kind of speed is essential for providing great healthcare. The quicker a physician can provide answers to their patient, the less time the patient spends worrying about their health. Plus, for especially serious injuries and diseases, every minute may count. In these instances, producing speedy test results can save lives.

Today, advanced technology powers nearly all vital healthcare operations — everything from HR and insurance claims processing to emergency-room systems and advanced MRI scanners. To improve their capabilities, many hospitals have adopted the cloud to let information be shared in multiple locations and IoT sensors for collecting patient data for analysis. Now leading hospitals are pushing ahead with even more innovative approaches including AI, 5G and natural language processing.

Healthcare workers

Healthcare workers with MRI imaging tech

What’s in it for tech providers? Quite a lot.

To deliver this information quickly, healthcare providers need fast IT. That’s where Intel Optane technology comes in. It can boost the speed of existing hardware without requiring an overhaul of the entire system.

Carestream: To the cloud!

One healthcare company speeding test results with Intel Optane technology is Carestream Health. This Rochester, N.Y.-based company provides a range of medical systems for 3D imaging, digital radiography, mobile X-rays and more.

Carestream logo

Carestream adopted Intel Optane technology as part of a project to move its Clinical Collaboration Platform, which delivers medical images from MRI and CT scans, from clients to servers.

The service already delivered images directly to physicians’ PCs, phones and tablets. Now Carestream wanted to pilot rendering these images on servers to accommodate a newer cloud-based approach. And Carestream needed to make this move without sacrificing performance, and while still complying with stringent government regulations.

To make the move, Carestream acquired servers based on Intel Xeon Platinum processors, Intel QuickAssist Technology, and Intel Optane SSDs. The result: A speed improvement of 2x to 3x over what it was in the past.

Speedier test results

Tell your healthcare customers about Intel Optane technology. It can speed their medical test systems, helping patients to get their results faster, and maybe even saving precious lives.

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