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The next generation of All-Flash Array (AFA) uses Intel Optane technology as a storage tier, rather than as a cache.

That’s the idea behind a new product from StoreONE. The New York-based company, which develops software for data-center storage, recently introduced the All-Flash Array.next (AFAn).


StoreONE’s AFAn blends Intel’s Optane SSD and QLC flash

StoreONE says AFAn is the world’s first storage system to blend Intel Optane performance with the capacity and cost-effectiveness of QLC flash drives.

Automatic tiering

Most AFAs require write caching, to both compensate for software inefficiencies and keep up with high-performance flash SSDs. But StorONE's AFAn does not need a cache. Instead, it stores data directly on storage media.

Using StorONE’s S1 software, the AFAn automatically tiers data from the Intel Optane SSD tier to an Intel QLC 3D NAND SSD storage tier.

This also means that data-center customers can enjoy the full write performance of Intel Optane SSDs, as well as their excellent read performance. The combination delivers over 1 million read IOPS (input-output operations per second) and over 1 million write IOPS.

StorONE’s S1:Tier feature is optimized for Intel QLC drives to extend their durability and life. When the S1:Tier technology demotes older data from the Intel Optane SSD tier, it writes it to QLC in large sequential blocks.

And because the Intel QLC 3D NAND SSD tier can provide read performance at near-Intel Optane SSD performance levels, there’s no need to promote data unless the application modifies it.

Both mainstream and extreme

The AFAn supports mainstream workloads, including VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle and MS-SQL. Yet it also provides the extreme performance required by applications such as analytics and AI.

To keep the solution affordable, StorONE lets customers start using the AFAn with as little as 30TB of capacity. Customers can later add capacity as needed.

And to help customers configure the AFAn, StoreOne has added this new product to its online pricing site, TRUprice. Your customers can use TRUprice to configure and price an AFAn, then compare it with AFAs from other suppliers.

Shipments of StoreONE’s AFAn are set to begin on July 6, and the company is taking pre-orders from both end users and resellers now.


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