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Give your customers a fast path to HCI with the new Intel Server System D40AMP family

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by Peter Krass on 11/16/2021
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

Intel has introduced a new line of servers that can help your customers implement hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) faster, easier and more affordably.

What’s HCI? A software-defined, unified system that combines all the elements of a traditional data center — storage, compute, networking and management. The results include more simplicity, easier management and lower costs.

That may sound arcane, but it’s not. Many applications are suited for HCI. They include such bread-and-butter workloads as running file, email and web servers. Basically, HCI can help any job that requires both lots of compute and lots of storage, too.

Certified for you

Intel’s newest server line has been specially designed to optimize HCI. It’s known as the Intel Server System D40AMP family.

Intel Server System D40AMP

One big benefit of this new product line: Intel has already certified this new server family for leading HCI solutions. These include VMware vSAN and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

This means you won’t need to get the server certified, simplifying your deployment. For your customers, it means they can get the benefits of HCI while easily plugging into their existing IT infrastructure.

Loaded configurations

The Intel Server System D40AMP family can be configured with up to four nodes based on the 3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. That gets paired with up to 1 petabyte of NVMe SSD storage over the PCIe 4.0 interface standard, and up to 24TB of memory via Intel Optane Persistent Memory 200 series.

NVMe — short for Non-Volatile Memory Express — is a transport protocol for storage over PCIe. It combines low latency (that is, high speeds) with high reliability.

The Intel Server System D40AMP family supports two SSD formats: Up to 24x U.2 SSDs (six per node) and up to 32x E1.L “ruler” SSDs (eight per node).

These storage drives are fast. With PCIe 4.0 NVME at 4 lanes, you can move data at 8,000 MB/sec. Compare that with a SATA SSD’s top speed of 600MB/sec. The newer tech delivers a more than 10x performance improvement.

Novel form factor

One big change with the Intel Server System D40AMP family is the form factor. Most, if not all, other four-node, dual-socket servers are offered in the 2U rack-mount enclosure. But Intel has packaged the Intel Server System D40AMP family in 3U.

The top rack unit is dedicated to storage, while the bottom two are for compute. Intel believes 3U is the form factor of the future, at least for dense HCI servers.

The new servers are air-cooled, and that’s also done by rack unit. In the top U, there are four 40mm fans for storage. And in the bottom two, four 80mm fans for compute.

Better TCO, too

The new servers deliver gains around total cost of ownership (TCO), too. Their cost-per-virtual-machine ($/VM) over five years is lower than other technologies, and at any power budget. Also, Intel Optane persistent memory can provide impressive TCO benefits for memory-bound environments.

Security is built-in as well. This new server family comes standard with Intel Crypto Acceleration, Intel Software Guard Extensions, Intel Total Memory Encryption, and Intel Platform Firmware Resilience.

Your customers can rest easy for another reason, too. The new servers are protected by Intel’s standard 3-year warranty.

The Intel Server System D40AMP family is available now from select Intel partners. That includes system integrators, distributors, VARs and OEMs. And maybe you?

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