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When it comes to your server customers, are you leaving money on the table?

A new cycle of server refreshes is underway. Even if your customers lack the budget to replace all their servers, they can get a cost-effective performance bump by upgrading their servers with 10GBASE-T server adapters from Intel.

As their tech provider, you can do a lot of business helping them make this move. But don’t leave money on the table. If you don’t offer your customers these new options, your competition certainly will.

New server cycle

Now’s the time for a new server-refresh cycle. Many data-center customers are eager to deploy new hybrid and private-cloud service models. Even smaller organizations need an added boost to stay competitive.

If your customer’s legacy infrastructure is 4 or more years old — and that’s pretty typical for an SMB — then their hardware needs a refresh. Older server hardware can’t meet the performance requirements of today’s modern business workloads.  

10GBASE-T offers the ideal match. It brings the network performance up to scale with the compute and storage components.

Upgrading a network to 10GBASE-T is cost-effective. And the upgrade is easily deployable where you need it most.

This not only helps lower costs, but also lessens the need to upgrade an infrastructure all at once. So your customers can get more performance from their platforms, yet without breaking their budgets.

Also, 10GBASE-T gives your customers flexibility as they migrate to 10 Gbps. It’s backwards-compatible with 1 Gb Ethernet as well as existing 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T networks. All on the same cable, too.

The Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710-T4 uses “auto-negotiation” to adjust itself to 10GbE or 1GbE networks. Using intelligent offloads, it also reduces one hazard of piecemeal network upgrades, namely, I/O bottlenecks.

Big market

Data centers need more bandwidth for their growing loads of data, storage and new capabilities. So for your customers currently running 1GbE networks, the big move is to 10GBASE-T.

The number of 10GBASE-T ports is expected to double every year through 2021. Intel estimates the 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) market is worth over $1 billion.

And if your customers are upgrading storage to SSD, they can get the data to and from those high-speed storage devices and match the network with the storage performance. Your customers will actually get more data to and from their Intel Xeon processors.

For these customers, a tech provider can’t go wrong offering Intel Ethernet. Intel offers a limited lifetime warranty and dedicated customer support. And the company is the clear leader in the Ethernet space. Intel owns nearly three-quarters of the market, according to The Dell’Oro Group.

10x performance, only 14% more cost

The price/performance your customers can get is impressive.

For example, let’s assume a configuration with 30 servers in a rack. Including 1GbE switches, cabling and servers, the cost of this configuration would be about $159K.

Now, let’s configure this same rack of 30 servers to run at 10GBASE-T instead of 1GbE. Now the cost is about $181K, for an increase of $22K.

That works out to a 10X increase in bandwidth — and for an incremental investment increase of only 14%. That’s what I mean by impressive.

The following table, courtesy of Intel, shows other examples of bandwidth vs. solution cost:

Server table

It gets even better. The more servers your customers connect to 10GBASE-T switches, the lower the incremental price. The cost of adding the first server is about $5,540, with most of that ($4,820) covering the cost of a new switch. After that, upgrading additional servers will cost less than $800 per server.

This is also a powerful solution for customers who need a network-performance boost, but aren’t ready to buy new servers. They can buy adapters and switches now, then later refresh their servers to the new 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors.

By so doing, your customers can maximize the power, performance and security for a modern infrastructure capable of handling the newer application demands. At the same time, they’ll be protecting the investment they’ve made in their upgraded network.

What’s in it for you?

Smart tech providers can profit from these arrangements, too. One way is to buy server adapters from Intel Authorized Distributors at great prices. Even after your markup, you may be able to offer these devices to customers at prices lower than those of the big OEMs.

Intel has a large portfolio of adapters to choose from. The company also provides connectivity options that some of the big OEMs don’t yet have in their own portfolios.

So don’t leave money on the table. Start helping your data-center customers upgrade their networks and refresh their server systems now.


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