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Is there a mismatch between the way you sell storage and what your customers actually need?

Lots of tech providers sell parts. A new server. New storage drive. New PCs.

But your customers may not care about buying new server or storage hardware. What they definitely care about is a solution. That is, finding a combination hardware, software and services package that solves an important business problem.

These business problems may appear as questions. For example, a customer may ask you: How can we grow our sales? What can we do to get more repeat business? What could help us do a better job finding and hiring skilled employees?

Answer these kinds of questions with an IT combo, and you’re doing a lot more than just selling parts. You’re helping your customers solve their most pressing business challenges.

Intel’s new solution kits

When it comes to offering scalable solutions based on storage, Intel is here to help. The company is now offering Scalable Storage Solution Kits. These kits are available to all Intel partners, OEMs and resellers.

Part of Intel’s Solutions Library, the kits are also designed to help you hold appropriate sales conversations with different-level customers. You’ll find different solution-selling content for executives, IT managers, and operations people.

The materials include solution overviews, solution and business briefs, customer case studies, how-to implementation guides and reference architectures. You can access these kits today from a desktop, laptop or tablet at solutions.intel.com.

Dig into storage

Nearly a dozen Storage Solution Kits are now available. They cover topics including Intel Optane DC persistent memory and Intel Optane SSD, as well as storage based on Intel technology for data analytics, HPC, general enterprise and client systems. Specific solutions include vSAN, Azure HII, Ceph, Red Hat, Cisco Hyperflex and Apache Spark.

You’ll also find a library of Intel customer case studies covering different regions, vendors and industries. You can use these case studies when preparing your proof-of-concept (PoC) proposals, encouraging customers to adopt new technologies, and more.

Some of the Intel case studies are also presented as short videos. For example, one video shows how Vast Data, a next-gen storage company, uses Intel technology – including Intel Xeon processors, Intel Optane Technology and QLC 3D NAND flash — to build what it calls a “universal storage system” that’s both big enough and fast enough for AI, deep learning and analytics. 

Vast Data video

Ready to start selling scalable storage solutions? Check out the Intel Solution Kits today.

To access these Solution Kits, you'll need to be a member of the Intel Technology Provider program. Not yet a member? Check out the benefits and register today.


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