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Sure, you know your customers are in the cloud. But do you know what they’re doing there?

Turns out, more than three-quarters are either using or plan to use virtual machines. Nearly half use “serverless” cloud architectures managed by third-party vendors. And just over four in 10 use containers.

Other popular IaaS technologies include object storage (used by 33%), block storage (31%), “serverless” functions-as-a-service (29%), and higher-level cloud services (21%).

All that’s from the recently released Interop ITX and InformationWeek 2018 State of Cloud Computing Report. It’s based on a survey of 200 North American cloud computing users who use or plan to use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.

Take your choice

The popularity of the 3 most popular cloud architectures — VMs, serverless and containers — stems somewhat from the fact that they can be deployed in public, private or hybrid clouds.

The survey did find that there’s been a shift from private clouds to public clouds. What about hybrid? It remains more popular with vendors and analysts than in production environments.

The main concerns of cloud users should sound familiar to anyone who’s been keeping tabs on the rise of the cloud. They are: security, cost control and cloud management.

Money talks

When it comes to making decisions around IaaS solutions, more than half (53%) the respondents said they consider operational expenses for the life of the project.

Other key financial factors impacting their decisions: initial capital expenses (cited by 45%); future capital expenses (30%); and the overall cost or cost of staff time to implement or manage (22%).

They also expect IaaS to deliver big benefits. When asked to rank the most important benefits IaaS, respondents came up with these 4: greater scalability, higher performance, lower costs and faster time to market.

Flying customers to the cloud? Now you know which direction to take.


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