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Deploy solutions faster, easier with Intel Select Solutions and Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits

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by Peter Krass on 11/17/2021
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

When it comes to deploying solutions, could your business use a jump-start?

Today’s solutions are complex. Many extend from on-premises servers to edge devices outside the firewall. Others connect IoT devices and sensors. All need bulletproof privacy and security protection. That’s a lot for one tech provider to handle.

Intel is here to help. The company is making it easier to get your solutions to market, and in 2 ways:

> Intel Select Solutions: These are verified, workload-optimized data center solution configurations. They’re fast and easy to deploy, validated by OEMs, certified by ISVs and verified by Intel

Intel Select Solutions are benchmarked to deliver high performance and advanced security. Available solutions span AI, analytics, cloud, storage, network, HPC and security workloads. All are rigorously optimized across Intel’s data-centric product portfolio and are delivered through partners.

> Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits: These are integrated, use-case focused, commercial-grade technology bundles. Use them to help solve business challenges, such as improving efficiencies and optimizing production. These kits are available from IoT partners in areas that include smart cities, transportation and industrial automation.

What’s on the menu?

To use an analogy, Intel Select Solutions are like detailed recipe cards. By contrast, Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits are like those meal kits that include a packaged set of ingredients.

Both approaches help you get dinner on the table quickly. Similarly, Intel Select Solutions and Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits can help you get to market faster with solutions based on optimized and tested Intel hardware delivered through Intel’s industry-leading ecosystem.

Using these Intel-based solutions is easier and faster than building a solution on your own from scratch. It also ensures you’ll end up with something that works well. And it gives you Intel-verified privacy and security.

Sample solutions

To give you an idea of what’s available, here’s a sampling from each program:

> Intel Select Solutions for VMware vSAN includes 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and optimizations to give better performance and reduced latency. This solution can help companies simplify their transition toward a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment.   

> Arrow Electronics Seneca xConnect Remote Management Platform is an Intel IoT RFP Ready Kit for auditing, managing and maintaining a security installation. From camera function to storage integrity, xConnect puts you in control from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Ready to jump-start your solutions? Check out Intel Select Solutions and Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits. Both are part of Intel Partner Alliance.

Sneak peek: Intel also offers ready-to-deploy solutions jointly developed with OEMs including Cisco, Lenovo and Supermicro. They’re like complete, ready-to-eat meals. We’ll explore them in the third and final blog post of this series.

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